Did he deliver? (Updated)

I’ve been out all day, so I missed Henrique Capriles’ speech. I can’t find a complete transcript, and I haven’t seen the video, so your thoughts are appreciated. Here is what I can gather, based on the points we wanted him to hit yesterday:

1. Defining himself and his vision: He says his vision is “progresista”, i.e., left-of-center, and definitely left-of-PJ. “Our country has more future than present,” a phrase he seems to have jumbled because the way it used to be, it said we have more future than past. He emphasized quality of life, saying that government needs to find solutions. In essence: all pragmatism, little ideology, third way all the way. His motto: “There is a way.” That’s his vision. Oh, and he mentioned his jail term, just like we told him to, saying jail taught him not to hate.

2. Going wonky. Very little from what I’ve seen. He did say he wouldn’t lift exchange controls immediately. Debatable, but I can see the logic of that.

3. Challenges he will face. Not much on this from what I can gather. Perhaps he didn’t think he needed to address this.

4. Use symbols. I don’t know if he quoted Rómulo Gallegos, but the backdrop of Venezuelans wearing their national colors was stunning. Visually very appealing, plus it reinforces his “tricolor” message.

5. Have fun. No idea. Haven’t seen the video yet.

Oh, his website is up and running.


Disclaimer: Same as here.

Update: Here’s a video. Note that at 3:55 more or less he says, when discussing the government’s progress in putting social issues up front, “la tarea está incompleta.” I can’t believe he said that …

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