The Cuban flag proudly waves next to the Venezuelan tricolor inside a Venezuelan military compound.

HT: Memo Arocha, photo courtesy of El Carabobeño.

PS: Busy today with work, so a short post, but this picture is worth a thousand posts. Plus Quico is … preoccupied.

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  1. Congrats, Quico and family! I hope all is well.

    J.C., at least they had a modicum of decency, placing the Cuban flag at a lower level. Beyond that, yikes. I just can’t comprehend the thinking behind it.

  2. Dear AIO, Re modicum of decency. In your praisworthy civilised approach, I feel you have fallen foul of a temptation to overextend the dimensions of both ‘modicum’ and ‘decency’. On the other hand, with a fait accompli like the one in the snapshot, maybe that was the most advisable temptation of which to fall foul, what?

    • I do have to wonder what they would have done had the only other flagpole available been of exactly the same height. They might have seen that as too far…or maybe not.

  3. Congrats on the new baby.

    Can you imagine in any time in recent Venezuelan history the outcry if this had been a USA flag.
    There is now no argument that Chavez is guilty of “Vende Patria” – the one thing he always screams against the 4th.

    Venezuelans are no longer the owners of their country!

    • well, before judging the treason, I would want to know a little about the protocol behind the flag raising. Forgive my ignorance, but is it possible that the army acts a little like a hotel would, when a foreign visitor (of certain stature) visits? The hotel usually raises the flag of the foreign visitor, even if that visitor lingers for a week or two.
      Is it possible that this circumstance happens, too, in the army? Also, what building is it exactly? Is it army-army? Or something in between (army lite)? I would first want answers to those questions.

      • You may be right that there is some technical reason for the positioning of the Cuban flag where it is shown here. But it is a useful symbol, nonetheless, for those unable to fully appreciate the meaning of such (unphotographed) facts as the contracting out of Venezuelan identity cards to the Cuban state, the daily oil subsidy to Cuba, presence of Cuban overseers in sensitive governmental departments, and so on.

        I see no reason not to use it to symbolize all that.

        • Yes- accept the flag and everything that goes with it..
          Except- Venezuelan people aren’t thinking-are they?
          Go right on out there and salute the Cuban flag and
          bow down to your new masters, right?

        • sorry Jeffry, I’d have a hard time manipulating a symbol to satisfy some agenda, no matter how related both may be, nor how much precedence exists of the tie-in. There’s value in the cold, hard truth.

      • Will we ever know why it was raised? If it was for nefarious reasons, then good for El Carabobeño for raising the subject to national attention.

  4. To Quico,

    I don’t remember who said it but:

    Children reinvent your world for you.

    This is the big transformation life gives us…..enjoy your child and many congratulations.

  5. It feels weird to me to congratulate Quico & Kanako on a posting about an insulting photo called “Treason”.
    What the heck, screw the photo.
    Many congratulations to the new parents!!

  6. Not meaning to sound like W.C.Fields- but, I prefer to respect Mr. Toro’s privacy.
    On the topic of the Cuban flag- boy -this really grabs me the wrong way!
    I want to “come unglued” over this. All of this crap with Chavez and Cuba (-and every other
    country Chavez has dealings with)-Chavez has been a lying, thieving, traitor since before he
    took office and only gets worse each and every day. I can’t imagaine standing for this- I
    just can’t believe this. Never. If this does not prove that people are asleep-I don’t know what does..

  7. i understand -by a co twitter who’s in the FAN- that it was ordered by “narcogeneral cliver alcalá cordones para provocar a los cuadros medios” and was disobeyed in other military instances. today it’s gone… why provoke los cuadros medios? i’m guessing to make the institutionals surface?? i already congratulated quico and family for the super cutie kimi who’s also a libra. the best sign ever 😉

  8. Remember those guys that used word Sepoy (Cipayo) of the Empire when referring to anyone criticizing Cuban communism or its own colonial ambitions?

    Congratulations to chavista military on the sincerity. Of not hiding their status as properly obedient subjects. Only the rest of Venezuela might not want to be a subject people, and they might be out of a job as Venezuelan military. But hey! no worry, I am sure the Castroes have something for them in Cuba.

  9. I am sure the Castroes have something for them in Cuba-yes “bootlickers”
    and some Venezuelan troops still have their “night job” in Venezuela- shipping drugs.
    Would you want your son to join the Venezuelan military today?


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