What, another one!???


Jesus, another fake pollster?!

En serio!?

This one has such a generic name – International Consulting Services (!) – that a Google search just throws back all manner of generic little firms, none of which are remotely related to public opinion research.

It’s like they’ve given up even trying to pass these off as proper polling outfits: they didn’t even bother to put up a fake website this time!

Chamo, even Arevenca did better than that

Which reminds me: look for the EFE write up touting International Consulting Service’s stunning new poll results in 5…4…3…

Seriously, though, I’m really curious about what’s behind these. Somebody somehow has an incentive to give these transparently fake press conferences trumpeting ludicrously made-up poll results…which must mean somebody somewhere is making a bundle off of these. But who? How, exactly?

And, more to the point, what does it take to get in on this game, exactly?

I mean, if I just turned up in Caracas tomorrow, sent out a fax to 17 news rooms inviting them to a press conference the next day to present the results of my latest North American Consulting Social Research Services XXI poll showing Chávez is on track to win re-election with 99.9% of the vote, would my picture end up on the front page of the Correo del Orinoco the next day?! And which ministry do I bill?!

Cripes this bugs me!

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  1. Is that guy perhaps this one?
    I suppose there aren’t many sociologists named Juan Scorza who are chavistas.
    We can check out how many Juan Scorza’s are registered to vote and where they are located.
    Francisco, with your writing skills and good poll results for Chávez you would be able to get yourself that cozy house in Mont Tremblant you always wanted to go on skying…and see the likes of Freddy Bernal skying or pretending to do so.

  2. According to the article, the front man’s name is Juan Scorza. According to the Maisanta List, the only Juan Scorza in Venezuela is Juan Vicente Scorza (CI 3185072), born on 1951 and mentioned in several aporrea pages according to a quick google search. A sociologist with several published books in the 80’s. Though I doubt it’s the same man. Maybe his son?

    And my favorite bit from the urgente24 link:

    “También se preguntó cuán ‘orgulloso’ se sentía el encuestado sobre cómo “supera” el cáncer, Chávez:[…]”

    I guess the question after that one was:

    – Cuanto desearía usted que Chavez fuera su Padre/esposo/amante/hijo?
    ( ) Daría la vida por ello
    ( ) Mataría a toda mi familia por ese honor
    ( ) Me cortaría todas las partes no esenciales del cuerpo si pensara que hacerlo me acercara a Chávez.

    • Jajaja!
      That reminds me of a poll Jesse Chacón had on his site (now gone) where he was asking
      “¿Que opinión le ha merecido hasta el momento la campaña de Jesse Chacón comparada con otras?
      a) Es el único candidato que realmente tiene una propuesta en el Municipio Sucre
      b) Es mejor que la de los otros candidatos”

      I can check out in CNE how many Juan [X] Sforza’s are registered to vote.
      I imagine it’s the same bloke.

  3. Love the adadas bag tie-in, Quico.
    I suggest a heavyweight moniker for your new company: CCCC.
    Meaning, Caracas Chronicles Consulting Consortium.

    • The Adadas bag reminds me of the Armani silk ties we bought my cunado in Hong Kong. They were brand Armani………….until you looked close and in fine print it did not say Giorgio but rather Armando or something as silly…..but they were silk, just silk without the Italian middle man!
      Speaking of that, the Chinese are famous for eliminating the middle man! (ie inventors and brands) Chavez government just creates more middlement and it’s not just ministers….he lets the Chinese in the middle. How ironic in a weird kinda way.

  4. A Juan Vicente Scorza teaches at UNEFA and Universidad Marítima del Caribe, and has organized congresses there. Might be a relative (son?) of José Vicente Scorza, a respected biologist but also a radical leftist, who in the sixties was in charge of making bombs for the FALN. (I’m not making this up; it’s in a laudatory biography by the Universidad de los Andes: http://www.saber.ula.ve/iconos/scorza/ )


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