Dropping Like Flies

With the opposition’s primary field winnowing out fast, there’s all kinds of activity over on our Oppo Primary Field Guide. We’ve added an “endorsements” section to each candidate, gotten rid of the Wildcards (who by now are obviously not running) and added detail to the top tier guys.

The MUD’s decision to demand that candidates pay a steep ballot fee to help defray the cost of holding the primary has drastically up-ended the calculus for no-hopers, who face a 6-figure price tag to gratify their egos.

Where Pablo Medina, or Cecilia Sosa, or Diego Arria are going to dig up Bs.525,000 to get onto the ballot I haven’t the faintest clue. One way or another, the inscription deadline is November 3rd, so by the end of this week we’ll have a complete slate of candidates.

To my mind, the process is working admirably. As it stands, politicos who desperately clung on to the dream and needed to test the waters got a chance to dip their toes. Those, like Ledezma, who found it too chilly are logically backing out. Those who liked the tingle are diving in head first. That’s how this was meant to work, right?

Anyway, check out the field guide. 

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