Good News/Bad News


The Good News: HCR does know how to smile.

The Bad News: He can only do it in still photographs.

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    • Are you also they type of Venezuelan that dislikes Gaitas? If so, I am sorry to tell you, wait seated because it aint going to happen, neither this type of music will stop being part of our campaigns nor gaitas will stop playing since october. Most people in Venezuela like this type of cheesy songs, and this one is good, it makes you want to dance to it and the lyrics are actually really smart, I think this will be a hit… sorry to offend the musically evolved here

  1. How kitsch! Oh, my God! You should have put a warning. Anyway: I hated the “vida” as /’viða/, it’s /biða/. That’s so stupid…I hate that pretentious hypercorrection.

    Then: they should select more pictures with him actually looking at the people he’s hugging, else he seems to be an automatic hugger.

    Finally: perhaps they should let him hug una chica divina, he was hugging too many guys too closely…nothing against that, but then he is sending confusing messages.

    • Funny, but I cannot hear that “v” you grumble about; the fricative is there, as it should. I shall venture that the wrong sound for the “v” that you hear may be due to your dislike of the (awful) music.

    • [i]How kitsch! Oh, my God! You should have put a warning. Anyway: I hated the “vida” as /’viða/, it’s /biða/. That’s so stupid…I hate that pretentious hypercorrection.[/i]

      Irony overload… *BOOM*

  2. I think this is a great ad. The people certainly look like the Chavez base. Very clever concept. It’s kind of the exact opposite of marching and hugging a bunch of suits.

  3. More good news: HCR is not wearing a baseball cap; he’s photographed in many locations of M&C (monte y culebra); he hugs or is being hugged by young and old, mostly women, and one young fellow who looked as though he were intellectually challenged. Motorizados were wearing T-shirts with his motto.

    La musiquita? Well, It expands the advertising ‘real estate’ better than Beethoven’s Ninth.

  4. Not a bright idea to wear a Leones shirt (in Yare, 1:11 to 1:15), especially in view of their dismal showing in this campaign. Moreover, some people take baseball loyalties seriously enough that they could be put off by the endorsement.

    • Seriously? the fact that he shows his Leones T-shirt only proves that he is a Venezuelan that likes baseball enough to wear the shirt of his team, that gives him more points. My team has not been in the final since 1986, and I still support it, and so does any serious baseball fan, you stick with your team no matter what and you respect equally loyal fans of other teams. Yes, you insult them when they lose, but you still respect them for caring about it.

      • First of all let me say I completely agree with you Moraima. Secondly congrats on being such a loyal fan and last but not least you should consider becoming a magallanera. Los tiburones arent going anywhere lol

        • hahah, I put that just to see who would know which team it team was! Congrats to you for knowing your baseball facts! As per changing I learned my lesson last time I saw someone moving from Los Tigres to Magallanes in 2002. This unloyal fan had to witness Los tigres playing the final 6 times in a row and winning 5 of those, including one Serie del Caribe. So no, I don’t think I am going to change, and if I ever did it would not be to Magallanes, not while it has the curse of you know who supporting it…

      • One point there querida amiga! Cal has a point, just not the point I think he thinks he has, hehehe. Venezuelan presidents have almost always been Magallaneros, since CAP first edition at least, and I do think there is a point to it! Venezuela always plays the card of Caracas vs el Interior (Así, con mayúsculas) and the Magallanes is the main team of the rest of the country (hell, half of Caracas suffers from that malaise), because it is the team with no estate. They are the Navegantes del Magallanes, not the Aguilas del Zulia or the Tiburones de la Guaira.

        And before the onslaught of Caraquistas falls on me like some virtual fire and brimstone, lemme say this, I am a Cardenalero, and will ALWAYS be a Cardenalero, ná guará!

        As Cal says, Venezuelans DO take their baseball, AND their regional pride, seriously, so the fact that a candidate identifies too closely with the Capital might actually play against him. As several in this blog have mentioned before, Venezuela has never elected a Maracucho as president, but it also has never elected a Caraqueño to La Silla, at least not since the Fixed Point Pact.

        Let´s see…

        Romulo Betancourt? Guatireño. Raul Leoni? From El Manteco, Bolívar. Rafael Caldera? San Felipeño. CAP? From Rubio, Táchira. Luis Herrera Campins? Acarigueño. Jaime Lusinchi? From Clarines, Anzoátegui. Hugo Chávez? From Sabaneta de Barinas… And don´t tell me “Guatire is almost Caracas” because it wasn´t back then. Am I missing somebody?


        • If he is from Caracas and not a Magallanero, so be it. There are worse things, like being a murderer or the like. Besides: being a Magallanero is no guarantee you won’t be a murderer and a thief (example: Chavez)

          What I am very worried about is the way Capriles hasn’t realised 90% of Venezuela really doesn’t want to hear, much less listen about Miranda. They want to hear about their regions.

          Capriles is trying to do with “hola, Trujillo, desde Miranda estamos con Ustedes” or things like that.
          NO. Forget about Miranda. Miranda is now Caracas, basically. Venezuela has had this struggle between regions since at the very least the Welser times (Cubagua versus Coro firstly)
          Show you KNOW about those regions. Show as much as you can about those regions. And start going there.

        • Luis Herrera liked La Guaira; and he was a sports buff (working as a sprots reporter in his 20s).

          Silly anecdote: Herrera and Betancourt went to a Yankees game together in NYC a few days before Romulo’s death. LHC was there to address the UN’s GA. Betancourt made, then, some disparaging comments about a former CAP’s hand and, then, budding presidential candidate. The rest is classified, given my “unity fetish”.

        • Hey, so glad you have joined this underground community of political junkies, I knew you would like it. Welcome and look forward to your comments. Caracas vs El Interior is a valid point, but I think him showing all the different cities is more prominent than his Caracas t-shirt and as per the message, yeah maybe Kepler is right and he is coming too much from his Miranda experience, but he still has a few moths to improve on that.

  5. Well I gotta say I like the ad. In all fairness Ive thought for a long time that hes the candidate with the best chance to defeat Chavez so I guess im biased lol. I like how it shows that he has supporters all over the country. Specially in relatively large towns which as we’ve often discussed is key to winning the presidential election. Radonski ’12

  6. I had never heard of el guarataro, Carabobo state.. Apparently they have the Haiton cave(s)
    It’s great that candidates like HCR are looking for votes in middle and small-size cities.


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