The tyranny of the deadline

Dang it, I’m on deadline today so I really don’t have the time to give full flight to the furious, disgusted, downright marialejandralopezesque rant I have brewing inside of me over the simply incredible, puked-half-in-my-mouth-when-I-heard-it case of María Corina Machado’s 23 de Enero campaign stop.

Turns out Machado first got shot at while trying to throw the first pitch in a softball match, then had her phone call to tell her mom about it illegally recorded, then, when that tape proved innocuous, had that conversation maliciously edited, then had the not-only-illegally-taped-but-deceitfully-tampered-with thing splashed all over the TV station you and I pay for with our share of the oil revenues and then, after all that, la guinda de la torta, actually had the illegal-and-tampered-with clip endlessly promoted through the hacked twitter account of a prominent oppo-linked pollster!

The entire episode, every miserable little twist in it, is sordid enough to make even a militant comeflor like me just about lose it and start muttering unprintables about the rrrrrrrrrregimen forajido under my breath. I mean, the scale of the abdication of even the most rudimentary standards of decency, the sheer, titanium-plated sinvergüenzura on display, it really is incredible.

And yes, I know full well this is hardly the first time, or in any way novel, but something about the way layer after layer of sheer unadulterated thuggery gets piled one on top of another in this episode just got to me…¡en serio, a La Haya hay que mandar a esos coños!

Not that I can really get into it…I’m on deadline, y’know…

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