I have a cunning plan to restore democracy to your country…it involves tanks, lots and lots of tanks.

This one is flying sort of under the radar screen: turns out that in the wake of Fernando Lugo’s impeachment in Paraguay, Venezuelan foreign minister (and aspiring dauphin) Nicolás Maduro was in Asunción, where he took the opportunity to more-or-less openly pressure the nation’s military to stage a coup to bring Lugo back.

Which just goes to show: the intricacies of Paraguayan constitutional law may be beyond me, but expecting the Chávez administration to play a constructive role in defense of democracy is like asking England to win a penalty shoot-out…hopeless!

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    • How do you say Lumpia Verde in British?

      This shows how desperate they are getting. No doubt we will soon see heads rolling in Paraguay over corrupt practices involving Venezuelan counterparts.

      No wonder Maduro was determined persona non grata!

  1. I think that apart from the fact that hi pressured the army into giving a coup, the saddest part of the history is that he is such an idiot that he pressure them publicly without wondering about the consequences probably because he doesn’t even understand what a coup is.

    • That’s just the problem, there AREN’T any public consequences. He can say whatever he wants and no matter how stupid it is he won’t catch much grief for it. It reminds me of July 2009 when he accompanied Manuel Zelaya during his ridiculous little dance on the Honduras-Nicaragua border. Never mind that he rails against ‘imperialists’ and ‘meddling’ all the time, when he’s there it’s completely OK.

  2. He was of course acting entirely without instructions from whoever may be the person who gives instructions to foreign minsters on what to do. That said, how is it that, if that’s the regime’s take on situations abrod, what’s their view of the place of the military at home in Venezuela in the event of an election result deemed untoward, in one of the coming months, as for instance, October? The England gibe was a bit snide though; we’re Vinotinto’ed and rightly so but penalty shootouts are an egregiously dissatifying way to decide the result of a football match and to drag it into this can of worms reflects hurried redaction … at best.

    • Which is why Baseball will always be superior to Futbol, Hockey, Basketball, Football (American Version), etc. none of this shoot-out crap, ties, or what have you. You play until you WIN, HOWEVER LONG THAT TAKES.

  3. As I said before, the reason (principally) for haste in the Paraguayan Congress decision was that this JACKAL, plus the Ecuadorian ambassador to Paraguay, was at the door. As a result, I believe, the Paraguayan heads of their Presidential Honor Guard, Army, etc. were just thrown out. And, this after Venezuela was caught some time ago trying to bribe recalcitrant Paraguayan Senators to vote for Venezuela’s entry into Mercosur….”La Ley Respetando La Virtud Y Honor….”

    • And, in other news at this hour, NASA announces its first parallel-universe contact: it reads, ”La Ley Respetando La Virtud Y Honor….”.

      • You mean, there are positive-charged Chavista leaders to offset the negative-charged ones here in this Reality? There does have to be balance in the larger Universal sense…

  4. Could never expect anything less of Nicolas Maduro… Real diplomats must be laughing their asses off. We could expect coupmongering gorillas in their own country to not show any greater respect for other countries’ institutions. But, Damn! Must they, who in the best of worlds are supposed to be smarter and have better social skills than average Venezuelans, show that they are mentally retarded, lacking both self-consciousness and principles? Must they give the world the idea that Venezuelans are complete F-tards? Maybe yes, because they somehow got into power and have kept there for a long time…

  5. 10-9-8-7… next, we’ll hear Maduro deny his actions to the Vz press and fabricate an excuse to make himself smell like a rose. Here’s what I would have loved to have read, or heard: the reproduced ‘arenga’ to the Paraguayan jefes de armas. Surely someone must have recorded it?!?

    It boggles the mind how these *revolutionaries* think they can re-write the rules to suit their needs. On a lesser scale, I’m reminded of a public presentation in Toronto (c. 2002) by the Cuban consul. Here was this character grandstanding, while providing a negative opinion of Canada’s southern neighbour vis-à-vis poor-me-Cuba. I was flaggergasted by the cross-border ‘injerencia’…. con qué autoridad moral?

  6. Back in 2009 ‘Station’ in Asunción reported back to the US State Department:
    Duarte’s and Oviedo’s shared goal: Find a “cause celebre” to champion so as to change the current political equation, break the political deadlock in Congress, impeach Lugo and regain their own political relevance. Oviedo’s dream scenario involves legally impeaching Lugo, even if on spurious grounds.
    It has all come to pass what the ambassador predicted.

    • No they are not the same. That may have been a farfetched dream-etc.
      But, what really happened in Paraguay was real and not a scheme.
      Live with reality.

    • So long as we’re talking along those lines, could it be that chavismo planned getting Lugo to do as many chavista things as possible with two goals in mind: A) either we get away with getting those things done in Paraguay, or B) Lugo gets taken out in a way that nullifies Paraguay’s vote in the Mercosur so that Venezuela can join Mercosur?

    • Oviedo and Duarte further their own ends. They are politicians. Stop the presses… (jaded tone) this is politics.
      Let us suppose that the parliamentarians acted out of venal motives. That has never happened, right?

      What about the fact that Lugo’s own party and for that matter, the whole Congress save for 5 of their members voted for impeachment? What with the Paraguayan Supreme Court and electoral court? Armed Forces? Whatever their reasons, they acted within their bounds and in nearly unanimous consensus, citing several causes, including a very violent and tragic episode. They could impeach Lugo and they did because Lugo screwed it. End of story.

    • Well Lugo’s removal may have been obvious to people observing from inside Paraguay but it hardly means the US was behind it. We’re getting crazy diatribes from the Left about how it’s a new imperial strategy for Latin America without first asking basic questions: Why does the US give a damn what happens in PAraguay? Latin America is no longer strategically relevant to the US because there isn’t a Soviet Union backing leftist governments here. Chavez, Evo, Correa and co. are annoying but they aren’t existential threats which is why the US is content to ignore them. Outside of the occasional histrionics the Bolivarians mostly get along with the US seeing as they need LA and TX refineries to process the sludge they extract out of Maracaibo that passes for oil. The point I’m trying to make in all of this is that it’s very easy to fall into the conspiratorial ‘el imperio contraataca’ mindset when in reality the only people that care that Lugo is gone are Paraguayans. A removal hecha en Paraguay, not manufactured in Washington.

      • “Outside of the occasional histrionics the Bolivarians mostly get along with the US” –
        I take an extremely opposite view than you describe here.(I suppose this is not necessarily “your” position”) Look at this- Chavez spends a lot of money gettng
        people trained by KGB, by Cubans , by Moslems –training in asymetrical warfare, bombmaking, guerilla training, spy techniques- Chavez has been doing this for 14 years
        and some of these “graduates’ are where now? What are they doing?I doubt they are
        “just interested in defence, peace” as Chavez claims about all of the weapons he has purchased and all of his cooperative deals with Iranians, Belorussians, Chinese, Cubans,]
        etc. Don’t you think some really feaky b.s. is /has always been swirling around in Chavez’ s
        head and remember how Chavez forces the military to bow down and chant “Muerte”blah, blah, blah.Well, I am not laughing anymore- this INSANITY HAS REACHED CRITICAL
        MASS a long time ago with me..


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