C21 Slides


Here are the slides with the detail of Consultores 21’s June poll.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Good to hear. So I’m thinking: this, plus a possible number of the undecided, plus the “I-can’t-say-publicly-cause-I work-for-Chavez”, gives us a true fighting chance… how sweet it is to dream!

  2. slide 7 makes no sense. Two ‘preguntas cerradas’ are asked, and the bar charts for each indicate percentages, but not whether those percentages relate to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    • Assume they refer to YES, as they are in the same color as all other YES bars and such from other slides.

      You’re right that they shouldn’t have missed that.

  3. The second largest response to the question “What do you think is most responsible for the existing problem?”…. was”No Comment” which is in line with Pollster Alfredo Keller’s comments in his article today in EL UNIVERSAL in which he indicates that many voters are afraid to support the opposition in the polls in case the opposition should lose the election. They don’t want to take the risk of being identified as supporters of the opposition should Chavez win the election. According to the article, that’s why Chavez’s health is such an important issue and effects the polls so much.

  4. I ate lunch today at the Ministry for Alimentation. A steady stream of alpha males clad in red shirts with motorcycle helmets draped over their elbows came in to eat. While two economists like Quico and Juan might not consider their work productive employment, they surely do. Minutes later, I turn on the TV and hear Capriles telling a substantial crowd in Merida about how little old ladies should have pensions that are not only dignified but leave a little bit left over that can be left to their grandchildren. I’m sorry but Capriles needs to kick this campaign into high gear. Venezuela doesn’t need a new president, it needs a plan and someone who can lead its implementation. Opening manila envelopes from first row admirers is not a plan. The numbers will reflect whoever can grab people by the collar and frog march them into the 21st century.


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