Nada que ver, TVes...

TVes, the rushed replacement for RCTV after the latter was shut down, is finally admitting that things didn’t go according to plan (if there was any) in their first five years on the air.

Actually, things couldn’t get much bleaker for the “Venezuelan social broadcaster”. The latest ratings just confirm it: it’s not just that TVes is dead last; it’s that it doesn’t even reach 1% of the overall audience. Ouch!

William Castillo, current head of the channel is still optimistic about the future. In fact, he also the host of what probably could be the only opinion program in TVes’ grid: TV Forum. TVes doesn’t carry news but when there’s an important Chavez-related event joins the transmission of VTV, along with the other members of the State Media System, even if it lasts hours.

The rest of their schedule is filled with dull as ditchwater cultural and historical programs. There’s only the faintest attempt made to actually entertain the audience, though they have tried to do soap operas (without success). The movie department is mostly filled with Venezuelan and international cinema, but every now and then they can’t resist to put some Hollywood product. Weeks ago, they had Patch Adams. #TrueStory

Something positive to point out is their sports coverage. They broadcast a lot of local sports, including the domestic basketball and football leagues. However, the technical and production quality leaves a lot to be desired. Not surprisingly, there has been some tension between them and Meridiano TV, a long established private sports channel without an endless supply of Petrodollars to buy event rights.

Take the upcoming Olympics. With TVes holding the Venezuelan broadcast rights, audiences can expect to more “quality” from them, like this jewel from four years ago…

If there’s one word to define TVes, it would be boring. Whatever that X-Factor is that makes television compelling, they seem to have found the antidote. It’s down, I’m afraid, to their own creative limitations – I’m not the only one with that opinion. But that’s probably the point of the whole enterprise: They’re just filling the space left by RCTV and for them, it’s all what matters. Even the capybara knows it.