The Empire that didn’t bark


You’d think the Chavernment would be thrilled over the invisibility of the gringos in the Paraguayan crisis, wouldn’t you? Alas no…

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  1. As a gringo, I will bark for them. I hope this makes Chavez feel a little better (not.) However, I don’t think it will matter much seeing as I’m not an important federal public figure.

  2. Sigh… That is the thing about being a super-power. If you do or say something, you piss off half the world. If you don’t, you piss off the other half.

    • Roy, haha! So true.

      I prefer the ‘hands off’ US whenever possible.If no, not.The only criteria for determining that is not public opinion.Unfortunately, public opinion is given more importance than the real issues.

  3. “So, no, I’m not going to write about this.” “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

    Hmm, that’s like four posts you’re written on Paraguay already!

    • What can I say, that stuff sells!

      (In my – admittedly weak – defense, I think it’s the Paraguayan angle that one cannot speak of, the international reaction is fair game…)


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