Desperation (Updated)

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The picture above shows the Venezuelan Independence Day Military parade. “Corazón Venezolano” is the campaign slogan for Hugo Chávez’s re-election.

How is this not a bigger scandal?

(HT: Johnny Walking)

UPDATE: Reader LD tells me that the logo is not the logo for the Chávez campaign exactly. That one is “Corazón de mi Patria.” The logo is political advertisement for the government, apparently. Which is even more troubling because … why is a publicity campaign parading with the military? Get ready for the funeral, monigotes, ’cause you’re on your way out.

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  1. This is not new, remember that for the recall referendum they had a reenactment of the Maisanta battle, which was also the name of the Chavez campaign. I guess is only getting more crass and blatant

  2. “How is this not a bigger scandal?”

    Have they done worse before? Have they been punished or even shamed for that? Is there a place where you can raise hell and have consequences ensue? Is someone going to be shamed and/or punished for it? Is is possible that the denouncing party ends up harassed and even punished? Are we as a consequence governed by people that do not even need to pretend that they have shame or self-consciousness?

    A: Yes, no, no, no, yes, yes.

    • Indeed. I’ve been thinking about why would they use two different logos/mottos, i.e. “corazon venezolano” and “chávez, corazon de la patria”, and it’s obvious. The “corazon de la patria” is the campaign logo/motto, the one they’ll pay with the campaign money. On the other hand, “corazon venezolano” will be put all over the state institutions and buildings – also in military parades – using government money, under the premise that it’s just a national identity campaign and whatnot. Any serious allegation about using government funds for that will be dismised using this shenanigan…

      • Yes, you bring up the issue here. Maybe it should deserve a more detailed treatment yet, as we see how it is being used and effectively confuses the observers. I think MUD should complain about the logos of the Chavez campaign, because of the similarity with this government campaign (is this legal after all?) and with the national symbols too.
        And yes JC, what is this logo doing at a parade? Maybe it all is pointless, because they will do whatever they want, but anyway…
        And I have the feeling, this is a somewhat personalized campaign, but also with a plan-B option, should Chávez don`t live that longer or in the least minute change to another candidate. Interesting times ahead…

        • It’s not confusing, quite the opposite. Chavez is running two campaigns at once. One complements the other. They don’t even bother in mention the PSUV or the GPP anymore. The real party of Hugo Chavez is the Bolivarian Republic, the whole State.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with spending government money on a political party, especially one that has done so many things for the cause of world anti Imperialism. Chavez is a friend of all people interested in setting a course free of US domination and jack boot oppress in the 21st century.

    Greets from China!

    • If your only concern is bringing down the gringo imperialism and not the well-being of Venezuelans or the inmorality of using government resources in propaganda instead of investing it in better hospitals, law enforcement and poverty alleviation, I guess you should give chavismo a thundering ovation. However, don’t hold your breath waiting for well-informed Venezuelans to do the same…
      And given that you are in China, you should take a hard look at the imperialist attitude of China toward its neighbors… Gringos are not the only evil empire out there…

    • Here’s what we’re going to do to your Evil Empire:

      We’re going to get Billions of dollars from you and default. We will never pay you back.

      Go sell your infected food, lead based toys and poison baby formula to some other clown

  4. I’d change the cutline to something less ironic, like the more direct: “Custodians of the Bolivarian government.”

    • It never ceases to amaze me how Gustavo picks on utterly meaningless stuff the government does as if it were a big deal which is going to lost it votes somehow or other. Get it through your head that you are completely wasting your time highlighting this stuff. As is narco.dollar-man Ravell. What is the difference about having a truck with a Banco del Tesoro ATM and a truck celebrating Farmapatria?

      • Only meaningless because this government has done much, much worse. Only meaningful if compared to the worst the Adecos did in this respect, which was not as bad. Yeah, we waste our time for now if it’s short-term and massive electoral results that we seek. But a complete history, one that will make for a nice epitaph to chavismo a bastard child of Populism, Militarism, and clownish Socialism, that’s being documented here.

  5. BTW, the whole “heart theme” is mostly a copy of what Lula did, starting in 1998.

    HT: Kepler’s blog.

    • That question leads to way too much speculation, given the volatility and unpredictability of the situation. My (very) uneducated guess is that unfortunately the military is largely aligned with Chavez, due to economic reasons. It’s possible a number of splinter groups could appear within the military, who knows. On the civilian side, it would also seem Chavez has somewhat of an upper hand, given all those undergound, machine gun wielding criminal groups that support him. A year ago or so, a short documentary made by a Spanish broadcaster about the alleged FARC camps in venezuelan territory showed footage of one of those groups, based in Caracas.

    • More inanity. There is absolutely no comparison between Chavez and Assad as there was never any comparison between Chavez and Kim Il Sung as Rafael Poleo wrote before the 1998 election. The only similarity could be if insurgents such as Colombian paramilitaries are imported to cause chaos as opposition politicans did in 2004 – such as Rafael Marin who has never been heard of since. Your final sentence is so idiotically hypothetical that no one can possibly answer it – not even Steven Hawking or Ravell!!

  6. So, If I have this right, Chavismo has expropriated the use of Red, Yellow, and Blue. These are the three primary colors, from which all other colors are derived. e.g.: Blue and Yellow combine to make Green. By expropriating all of the three primary colors, actually Capriles or any other candidate other than that of Chavismo is left with Black and White.

    So, the choices available to the Venezuelan people will be as stark as the difference between the depiction of Kansas in The Wizard of Oz as dreary shades of gray vs. the Technicolor glory and beauty of Oz.

    I know I am engaging in reductio ad absurdum, but in the face of such shameless and absurd partisan manipulation, what is left to argue with except parody of the absurd?


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