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… he doesn’t even have time to publicize his own stuff! His latest on the International Herald Tribune.

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  1. I just read Quico’s masterpiece on IHT. I guess he has to write stuff like this in order to get it published in such a newspaper. However, does he not have any pangs of guilt knowing that he is misleading readers and slanting the whole article against Chavez? Nothing positve said about Chavez but all positive words and phrases surrounding Capriles’ name. Oh well, if he feels that being mendacious will get him places then good luck. Me? I would not have the moral emptyness to misled and disinform in thjis way.

    • Arturo,

      Yes, do please tell us about morality. Chavismo was built on such a solid moral footing, you must be feeling quite morally superior…

      • Roy,

        Why bother addressing Arturo? I don’t get it.His comments are boring and repetitive and so are the answers to him.If everyone ignores him he will stop a lot sooner.

        • I’m stunned that after all these years, FP, you have not figured things out. Unless your latest is part of what was earlier labelled as mock innocence. In the event that you really are out of the loop, allow me to clarify.

          Like old Stalinists, Arturo and his ilk are diehards of the *revolution*. They use these blogs to ensure that any eyeballs in the ethernet do not stray from the dwindling flock of revolutionary sheep. Mindshare is critical.

          It is our job to puncture the shams presented by Arturo and his ilk, and to ensure that those who are beginning to smell the coffee can find some refreshing opinions, here, and like blogs. It is our hope that these former sheep know that there’s another side to all the half-truths, the omissions, and the sweeping generalizations. That we’re a bunch who can opine and argue and mock, without following party line.

          I realize how easily bo-o-ored you become. But there’s an easy solution to that. Surely I don’t have to spell that one out to you, as well.

          • Syd, why did you have to add a introduction and epilogue of bullying around your main comment?

          • I may at some point, but I would think you would appreciate my addressing you before calling any authorities. I would prefer you would simply accept my observation that you are in fact bullying, then stop yourself.

          • ET: I’ll be sure to sing Kumbaya with every attempt at promoting your UCT theory-by-enema, and with every reflection of boredom from one who claims to have 1,000 family members in Vzla, mostly living in barrios.

            Happy? Now counter every guy who squashes your ridiculous theory on TDE and here that they’re bullying. See how that makes you look.

            Btw, you’ve been shoving your theory down our collective throats for quite some time. Since you say you teach, and obviously have a gift for the gab, I expect to read your theory, fully explained, in the appropriate financial or economic journal, article which will also list your credentials.

            It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, mijo. Kum-ba-ya …

          • See? You continue to bully. As to my theory, no one, not a single one, has squashed my theory. Anyone who has said it fails is because, like you, avoids discussing it. As to credentials, look in the mirror…

          • Dumbledore, the saddest part is that I disagree. I take away the bullying and there’s much there. It’s really sad that someone with such knowledge and reasoning uses it to be such a bully.

          • Sigh. Kitty litter box is dirty again. Hence the meeeooows. When are we ever going to see any beef from this character?

    • “… and slanting the whole article against Chavez?”

      In case you haven’t noticed by now, this is was an op-ed written by someone OPPOSING your master. Are you whining because he didn’t say anything positive about Chavez? Are you serious? Of course, you aren’t, but fool’s day is still far way …

    • Arturo, tell me ONE positive thing that your candidate has said about Capriles, or any of the journalists of VTV, to compare apples to apples.

          • No, you are the non democrat ,you bully every one whom you dislike, and attempt to squash their opinions.You are obsessive, literal minded,fail to see the essence of the matter and have a weak understanding of what it is to tolerate diversity of being.

          • Princess, cut the passivity and contribute to this political blog, before you finger-wag. Try your routines on another. I’m not here to entertain you.

  2. Co~o si , como si tu presidente y sus jalabolas reconocieran las buenas cualidades de la oposicion. No me jodas. Comentario mas hipocrita imposible.

  3. Its not hard to pick apart the utterly dishonest nonsense that Quico spouts. Let’s look at just a few examples:

    “Going up against Henrique Capriles — an energetic, young governor who’s worked hard to establish himself as a post-ideological solutions guy”

    There’s no such thing as “post-ideological.” An ideology is simply a group of ideas and ideals. Everyone has an ideology, including Capriles, but indeed his campaign is utterly hollow of any real meaning if that’s what you mean.

    “Last week, faced with a pro-Capriles march through La Vega, an iconic slum in Caracas’s gritty West Side, a Chavista heartland, the government sent riot police out to stop what it called an “invasion.””

    Of course the government and people in La Vega have a different story, but Quico simply ignores that and reports his favorite distortions.

    “Yet he has never tried to hide that he considers the electoral route as second best — as what he has had to settle for when he failed to take control of the state by force of arms. ”

    Right, and we’re supposed to believe that the opposition candidates, who attempted to take control of the state by force of arms in 2002, are somehow different, right?

    “Two judges on the Supreme Court — two of the many who were handpicked by the president — have defected,”

    Defected? Actually, they were sacked for committing crimes, only later to defect to the other side. But I’m sure this little detail just escaped Quico right?

    “As Oct. 7 nears, fraying the government nerves, expect more repression and more violence. Everyone in Venezuela does, Capriles included.”

    This part is actually true. But who do you think benefits most from the violence and unrest? The government or the opposition? There you have your answer for who is really behind it.

    • “But who do you think benefits most from the violence and unrest? The government or the opposition?”

      I don’t know, who was able to stop a campaign march over overtures of “violence and unrest”? (A really demeaning idea, btw, that the people in the slums are violent people incapable of respecting a march.) I saw the video of the march. There were more police than Chavista’s. Certainly preventing a few thousand Capriles’ supporters from marching is better than allowing them to march, isn’t it? You lose little mind share within La Vega because they’re likely not going to be aware of the other side of the story (information not easily obtained about the events that transpired, and easily muddled except for those residents that were there when the blockaid happened). I’m sorry but I simply see no downside from using these tactics to stop marches. What Quico failed to point out is the assassination attempt on Capriles a few months back. Of course, no one wants to say what it was because they want to keep the rhetoric down, but that’s what it was. Capriles being murdered would also be a boon to Chavista’s. Either way they benefit the most from the violence. Unquestionably. It’s only people who invoke conspiracies that think that somehow magically violence would help the opposition.

      • Right, because murdering an opposition candidate that is losing in all the polls would be a really good strategy for the Chavistas. You are mental.

        • Uh, he is winning handedly in all the non-Chavez polls. Yes, it is a good strategy if you have doubts in Chavez’ vitality.

          • Capriles is winning handedly in all the non-Chavez polls??? Tell me JC, in what universe to you live?

          • In the one where Capriles is, in even chavista polls, winning against any theoretical chavista candidate that isn’t actually Chavez? Yes, killing Capriles is a win win for them.

    • The two Supreme Court judges defected, just as the article says. You even say so.

      While you may be confident that repeating the government line “they committed crimes”, no proof of any crimes have been published. Rather, it is the old Stalinist routine–dump slime over anyone inconvenient. As with Justice Afiuni, who Chavez slimed, and whose prosecution has made Venezuela a world laughing stock.

      • They only defected after they were accused of crimes. This is an important detail that opposition hacks like to leave out.

        • That isn’t even true, since Aponte left before any criminal procedure was begun. They use criminal charges only if they know you are off the team. Even if it were true, it would be a mere accusation by people like yourself, who cannot distinguish between an accusation, and its proof. This is a deeply authoritarian characteristic, especially in the Venezuelan context, where the practice is to accuse, to arrest and detain, and then to keep in custody for three or four years.

          Recently, Mr. Leader in Chief modified the Criminal Procedure Code so there are no more jury trials and trials can be held in private. So outsiders will never know if there was evidence, or not.

          • Spin, spin, spin. Aponte was under investigation when he left. No criminal charges had been made, but he was to be interrogated before the AN. The rest of what you said is pure nonsense.

    • Mijito…get a clue yourself
      “Right, and we’re supposed to believe that the opposition candidates, who attempted to take control of the state by force of arms in 2002, are somehow different, right?”

      Chavez was the first “golpista” and them he was elected…so if he did it why not Capriles which by the way was not the main organizer of the “2002 golpe”…lo que es buena para el pavo debe ser bueno para la pava!

      Defected? Actually, they were sacked for committing crimes, only later to defect to the other side. But I’m sure this little detail just escaped Quico right?.

      ..so they committing crimes for a long time…but were sacked when it was convenient to do it…the point is that they were selected by your “comandante”…so he can deny to be responsible for the quality of judges that they were…

      and if we will be critical of dishonest spouts…I am just picking one from your “comandante”

      ” No puedo hacer campaña porque tengo mucho trabajo”…does he really think that we believe that because he jsut said it…The truth is he is not campaigning because he does not have the energy, he is recovering from a second episode of cancer, so why he has to lie.
      So “get a clue” look at your rabo de paja before you open your mouth.

  4. “Actually, they were sacked for committing crimes,”

    Really, now? And what crimes might those have been, GAC? Surely under revolutionary justice, those judges would have been thrown in jail, don’t you think? After all, that’s what happened to Judge Afiuni, for her *crime*.

    As they say in the non-revolutionary legal profession: You can’t have it both ways.

    I know the revolution has taught you to be loosey-goosey with details, and to simply omit what’s doesn’t fit into the script, to make sweeping generalizations. But could you at least try to educate us by providing more information than your, “Of course the government and people in La Vega have a different story..”

    As for your “indirecta”, trying to pin the oppo for being behind the violence, are you on drugs??

    Is that why your revolutionary government won’t permit the armed forces from knowing their *enemy* http://www.noticierodigital.com/2012/07/capriles-denuncia-que-prohibieron-en-los-cuarteles-sintonizar-su-mensaje-a-la-fan/ ?

    Tic-toc … geting desperate?

    • “GAC? Surely under revolutionary justice, those judges would have been thrown in jail, don’t you think? ”

      Kinda hard to throw them in jail when they flee the country. Apparently you aren’t even familiar with the most basic details, yet you accuse others of being “loosey-goosey.”

      “But could you at least try to educate us by providing more information than your, “Of course the government and people in La Vega have a different story..””

      I imagine you can use google and see what the government and people of La Vega say happened. Or are you only capable of reading right-wing news outlets?

      “Is that why your revolutionary government won’t permit the armed forces from knowing their *enemy*”

      Right, because Capriles fakes a document saying something ridiculous we are all supposed to believe it. This only works on really stupid people….

      • GAC:
        Aponte Aponte was fired. But for the supposed crimes he committed, he wasn’t even under house arrest, during the month he spent, freely, until he fled. Boy, those are some crimes.

        With that level of freedom, and no doubt with help, AA fled with a treasure trove of documents, which proved to a most exquisite bait for the DEA, not an organization that takes fakery lightly.

        Or will you try to put another leftist spin to deny this reality?

        • He was under investigation, and was to be interrogated before the AN when he fled the country. This isn’t the same as “defecting”. He only left when they began to suspect he was committing crimes.

          The only one spinning here is you. What difference does it make what “level of freedom” he had? Just because they don’t put someone under house arrest that means it is “okay” for them to flee justice? Spin, spin away…

          • GAC’s utterly desperate spins:

            Item 1: Actually, they (the judges) were sacked for committing crimes, only later to defect to the other side.

            Item 2: He (Aponte Aponte, one of the judges) only left when they (the National Assembly) began to suspect he was committing crimes.”

            Item 3: They (the judges)only defected after they were accused of crimes.

            Item 4: Aponte was under investigation when he left. No criminal charges had been made,

          • Of course Syd doesn’t explain why these “items” are characterized as spins. That’s because he can’t. All of the above are plain fact.

          • You’re right, gac. Please substitute “Item” with “Gac quote”. You remind of the little pop-up ballerina, who twirls to music box sounds, inside a 9-year old’s “jewelry” case.

      • The fascist-Chavez defence has come down to this: “We appoint Supreme Court Justices who commit crimes! Don’t pretend that our Supreme Court Justices are all honest!”

        • Yes, because every official in a Capriles government would be honest. Thank you for demonstrating that you don’t have even the slightest bit of objectivity.

          • Well we can’t be sure…but hopefully meritocracia will be considered over political views! also so you are saying that we should applying the old saying “mas vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer…por favor!

          • Right, we can’t be sure, because there is a real possibility that there could exist a government of 100 percent honest officials from top to bottom. Maria isn’t the brightest person on the planet to say the least…

          • I was pointing out that DEFENDERS of the regime such as yourself, are reduced to claiming that its Supreme Court appointments are criminals. Kilko should have mentioned that! Outside of La La Land, that would be an accusation, not a defence.

          • And I responded by saying that Capriles would obviously not have this problem because he would appoint 100 percent honest people in his government. Perhaps I could suggest an amazing product that might help you and Maria to improve your comprehension skills: http://www.hookedonphonics.com/

          • Oh yes…I forgot I got my PhD inside a Cereal box that I bought in Mercal…thank you for your reminder get a clue….ja ja ja…

      • “Yes, temblad because this guy is losing by around 20 points in all the polls!!”

        Like the guy said: No se puede subestimar al adversario por más majunche que sea.

        If you are a PSF you need not worry either way of course.

      • If you really think it’s so insignificant you wouldn’t waste your effort here. Something is clearly riling you up about him, and I’m pretty confident it’s not the Chavista polls. It’s C21 and the thousands he brings out every time he marches.

        • Actually I waste my time here because I get a kick out of the hilariously stupid things people say here. Like when you said that Capriles was winning handedly in all the non-Chavez polls. That level of utter denial of reality cannot be found anywhere else. I find it fascinating.

          • OK let’s assume that Capriles is not winning…so explain why Chavez said yesterday that the Majunche can not be understimated….you guys want to give this impresion that Chavez esta sobrao…and it is not true…NO Chavez, no Capriles estan sobraos…who ever wins will not be for much…so stop the bull shit!

          • We don’t have to assume that Capriles is not winning. You just have to look at any of the polls. Even the polls that are aligned with the opposition have him losing. We don’t have to assume anything. We can just live in the real world like a normal person and recognize reality like a normal person. I know that is hard, especially for someone like you Maria…

  5. I am with GAC on this one. The edited Globovision video shows that the police were separating Chavez supporters and HCR’s group. Had the march been allowed to proceed there would have been violence – this is Venezuela. I think that it was very wise for the police not to allow the march to proceed.

  6. The Queen on the Chariot forbidded the FAN to watch the above shown video, if that isn’t slanting the opinion of the military, I wonder what could it be. On the other hand, the good thing is that they going to do whatever it takes to watch it. You chavistas don’t be so self assure. There’s another path and way of walking that doesn’t have anything to do with marching behind Chávez or repeating his words and thoughts each time you try to think or speak. It is called freedom, real democracy, good education for all individuals of our land.

    • Yes, they are going to do whatever it takes to watch it…. like going on the internet or turning on the TV!! Amazing!

      • You are taking this conversation wholeheartedly my friend.

        It seems you are a hardcore chavista, which is interesting given it seems you are an educated guy. So I’m guessing you’ve done your analysis to reach the conclusion that Chavez is worth defending. Could you explain to us “majunches” what is it you like so much about “el comandante”? Perhaps you could “enlighten us”.

        • You don’t have to be a hardcore chavista to recognize the utter nonsense that passes for common sense around here. You just have to be a normal person with a little common sense. It would be hard for me to “enlighten” you, since I find it fascinating that people like you even exist.

  7. Gentlemen/Ladies of the Blog: Behold the new Eva/Shaw/Arturo, but on STEROIDS–must be getting a shot of the same stuff as his MICO-COMANDANTE!!!

    • Oh NET, settle down. We all know you’re just mad because I utterly destroyed your nonsense in the other thread.

  8. Johnny, GAC is more aggressive than Eva. He’s probably dredged up from the Chavez Brasilian adviser ranks (Remember Lula’s Chulo paean to Chavez sent to the Foro De Sao Paolo?)


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