Rafael Ramírez = nepotist … y pichirre (Updated)

The story of the tragic shooting of Francisco Javier Ramírez, nephew of PDVSA President Rafael Ramírez, is noteworthy on several fronts.

For example, I was not aware that Mr. Ramírez, a young father, was killed inside an Anzoátegui public transportation unit for refusing to give up his backpack. It speaks well of the young man who, in spite of his hefty political connections, was using a bus just like any regular Venezuelan, and getting mugged and killed in the process … just like any regular Venezuelan.

Another noteworthy fact is that his murderer was immediately apprehended by the Fiscalía, contrary to what happens with 99.9% of the dozens of other murders that happen in Venezuela every day.

But get this … Ramírez worked in the dining halls of PDVSA Agrícola. Huh?

Then I understand. The young man’s father was the son of the President of PDVSA Agrícola.

So Rafael Ramírez named his brother to head one of PDVSA’s units, and he put his son to work … in the dining halls?

It says a lot about Venezuela’s crime situation when this is the thing I find most shocking about this affair.

UPDATE: Apparently, the head of PDVSA Agrícola may not be Ramírez’s brother, but a cousin. (HT: A reader)

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