Now we know who Bolívar really reincarnated as…


Not Chávez, not CAP, but…

Ricardo Montalban. 

Now, that is uncanny.

All S-Bol needs now is a midget next to him shouting “el galeón! el galeón!”

[HT: hgdam.]

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  1. I am 200% against the circus that Ch and associates have created around this but I can’t understand the issue generated by a supposed unlikeness of the 3D model compared with the perception we had of the real Bolivar.

    I showed the picture to my husband (who is not Venezuelan although from a country liberated by Bolivar) and he can’t find the issue either.

    There will always be differences with portraits of the era (these aren’t in itself accurate as they are not photographs) and I have to say I found the 3D model pretty accurate and close to what I thought he looked like.

    Maybe we should leave this to rest and concentrate on the presidential campaign??

  2. The 3D model seems slightly deformed, as if it was a photo of an actor wearing prosthetics, but yeah, it does look fairly accurate vs. the existing paintings, especially when we compare it to Bolivar’s contemporaries who did live long enough to be photographed, like Paez, San Martin, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson.

    The one consequence I wish for? That more people will start thinking of Bolivar as a MAN, with all the good and bad things human beings possess, not an idealized fantasy character from long-ago. The “photo” should help that transition immensely.

    -Ricardo (formerly Escualidus Arrechus)

    • Ricardo, did you loose the Escualidus, the Arrechus, both, or just felt you needed and identity change? I did like the old name

  3. Quico, you should have put CAP’s picture on the other side, to see the differences. The one that I find the more similar was when he was first elected, he appears with the Presidential band.

  4. I don’t see a strong resemblance to Montalban. I was reminded of Georgian actor Giuli Chokhonelidze, who played Prince Bagration in the 1966 Soviet production of “War and Peace”. (Which is the only time I’ve ever seen him.)


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