On the Unbearable Lightness of Being Simón Bolívar


Here’s my ditty for the International Herald Tribune this week…(and no, I did not write that headline … ugh!)

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  1. Nice article. I like the comparison to the Stars and Stripes; comparing him to Sir John A. MacDonald doesn’t give the full flavour.

  2. Mannn… you got me thumbing through Voltaire’s Bastards [John Ralston Saul] for guidance 🙂

    FT wrote

    “Bolívar’s deification, both at the hand of back-alley shamans and state-sponsored mythmaking, has endowed his name with an unmistakably magical quality.”

  3. Hey Quico,
    An indiscreet question…your family dates back to colonial times, what is the truth about Bolivar’s indian ancestry through Petronila de Ponte y Marín?


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