Underperforming in London

I really wish we didn’t have to do this, but once more Chávez’s rank politization of what ought to be a non-political story forces our hand. The reality is that Venezuela underperformed at the London Olympics – and that’s not just an impression, is a statistical fact.

GEHA has explored in detail how we’ve underperformed relative to Colombia, but it’s broader than that.

The Guardian’s Alternative Medal Tables provides a fascinating insight into this.In raw, unadjusted terms terms Venezuela came in 58th place in London. But weighted by population, Venezuela comes in 76th place. Weighted by GDP, we’re in 77th place, and if you weight our medal tally by team size, we came in 75th place.

So we underperformed relative to our population, relative to the size of our economy and relative to the number of athletes we sent to the games. Some potencia deportiva, huh?

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