My dog sabotaged my homework

The foufy east-side Caracas neighborhood of La Castellana was rocked on Thrusday by a loud explosion, followed by a fire in the nearby electrical sub-station. As a result, power was suspended for hours in some parts of Chacao Municipality.

Later, National Commissioner of Electrical Distribution Jesus Graterol informed to state media that the reason behind the incident was… Sabotage.

In this case, bullet holes were found on the transformer that exploded.

Yep, CORPOELEC is going from blaming possums and even pointing fingers back to sorry-ass consumers to actually use the “acts of terrorism to suspend the election” card.

Electric Minister Hector Navarro has insisted for months that the rolling blackouts that most parts of the country are suffering almost on a daily basis are part of a Machavellian plan to create chaos and jeopardize the Presidential Election. Experts disagree with him and blame the Chavernment’s own inefficency to fix the electrical grid.

Closer to home, several parts of Barquisimeto (including my own neighborhood) went dark for two hours last night. As I live near the electrical sub-station that serves the area, I can say that there was no suspicious activities around at the time of the blackout.