File Under “Signs of the Apocalypse”


What’s scarier? That chavistas think these images are going to make da kidz vote for Chávez, or that they’re right, possibly?

And, pardon me while I pick up my cédula but, what the hell does “otro beta” mean!? Can it really be that for the last 14 years all we’ve been doing is testing a pre-release version of Chávez for bugs!?

That would explain a lot, actually…

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      • Como lo he escuchado ser usado, es justamente de la misma manera con la que se una “peo”. Tener un beta con alguien, ser “otro beta”, que algo sea un beta. Es algo curioso como para nosotros, una misma palabra puede significar algo excelente tanto algo complicado o dificil de hacer. Arrecho es otro ejemplo. Estar y ser arrecho son dos cosas tan diferentes el una del otro como “molesto” y “excelente”/”vivo”, que es el doble uso de el “ser arr…”.

  1. Hahaha, despite not being effective (and hell, they might indeed be) they are one of the most amusing things I’ve seen during the campaign so far. Did you check out the whole set in the Facebook page they put up?

    Highlight: “Chávez que pao” while boxing against a dude with American flag trunks.

    • Oh, the whole set is in the El Nuevo Herald article too. Sorry about that. Hell, they even have t-shirts!

      (I feel sort of bad saying this, but I actually find these images kind of cool in a very bizarre way)

  2. only image missing is one of chabe holding a gun to some sifrina’s head during a flash kidnapping… I’d buy one of those!

    • El Beta se mando un secuestro de 14 años al pais completo!! El Mio pao pao! Tremendo Beta!! Dame Liricaaaa!! y aprovecha y tirame una chambita de esas donde no haga nah y gane que jodeeee.
      El beta Chiabe

  3. All of those images (Chavez on a motorcycle, Chavez playing basket, etc.) are not meant for a clase media but for the barrio. I would guess the idea is to deepen the link with the lower classes; Chavez is one of us, only more “arrecho”.

    And it’s kind of weird that when I saw the picture of Chavez doing caballito on a motorcycle, I associated it with the motorbikers going around and stopping the traffic on the Francisco Fajardo on the way to the cemetery.

  4. It’s quite obvious that an overweight 58-year-old guy is not your regular kid in the barrio. In spite of his poor efforts to look young and fresh (like the guy trying to play a guitar) he is as obsolete as a barter/conuco based economy.
    However, that’s probably not the goal of this campaign, but quite the opposite. The real message is not “Chavez is like you”, but “you could be like Chavez”, i.e. you can do as you please.
    There lies the connection between the lower class and Chavez. Chavez do whatever he wants, and the people have their rush of Schadenfreude when he gloats on it. And it does not stop there. They just go and do the same, because they also want to be like him. They want to do whatever they want and get away with it. And they are doing it. It’s not only in prisons, like Mr. Toro pointed out recently, but it is happening everywhere. Venezuela has turned into the Land of do-as-you-please.

    • How can this *not* backfire? Isn’t the core of a succesful campaign to start with, you know, the truth? In what universe is the sick, fat man in the palace a skinny, hoops-playing teenager?


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