Fired up


The above video has crappy production values, and its message is just OK. But … watch it, and you can’t deny the sincerity of the message, the optimism and the enthusiasm this young voter feels for Capriles.

It reminded me of something I’ve been perceiving the last few weeks: the surprising level of enthusiasm in hard-core opposition voters. Everywhere I turn, people that didn’t even vote for Henrique in the Primary are positively enamored with the guy.

It’s certainly not a product of his so-so speaking skills, that’s for sure. What I perceive is that the general level of competence, the relentless message discipline, the unerring focus on the forgotten towns of the Venezuelan hinterland and the myriad of unsolved problems this government is leaving behind … that’s what’s driving the enthusiasm.

Because, for the first time in a long time, we have a guy in front of us who knows what he wants to do, and is doing it well.

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  1. Well I think it’s a good video–this young man explains what he sees and feels about the past 14 years–and it isn’t good and that’s why Venezuela needs a change of leadership.

  2. Am I missing something? “Nací en 1998….ya tengo 20 años….estas sera la primera vez que pueda voter en unas elecciones presidenciales….”. Parece que el chamo no sabe contar!

  3. Good commercial. Sincerity in the audio. Targeted at the millions of pre-Chavez young now voting. No over-promise, but give the new a chance, since the old hasn’t worked.

  4. I’ll give him 5/10 for video and audio production and 10/10 for being genuine and authentic on his message, but I bet that the kid that made this video were less concerned about quality of the production and more focused on the message that he wanted to convey.

    Don’t worry kiddo we heard you loud and clear 🙂

  5. If this is an amateur power point presentation from a kid, no commercial machinery or paid production behind, I give him 20 points, with mencion y publicacion if I could.
    Who cares about the video/audio production, or the so-so speaking skills, when the message is so direct and clear.
    Kudos to you, Victor Garcia.

  6. And the best message of all, from this rational sounding and mature young man, was the last: “Y saben qué mas? Ya tengo mis dos más: mis padres vienen conmigo.”

  7. Yes, the quality of the video it’s very poor but the message it’s the important and the core of it all. This it’s what young voters must think: Chávez it’s the only President I’ve ever known and maybe, it’s time to make a change a try someone else. If the new President sucks, then will change it in the next election. That’s how should be. Right?


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