Baptism by Demonic Shit

President Hugo Chávez baptizes a so-called “Petroorinoco” bond with heavy crude. The bonds will be used to pay outstanding debts owed to public sector workers / August 2012 / (Foto PDVSA)

[Hat Tip: The increasingly invaluable País Verruga,which styles itself “La revista virtual con lo más protuberante de lo que ocurre al norte de Sudamérica y de lo que marca la neo venezolanidad del siglo XXI.”]

Miguel O, in comments, adds:

So far [the Petroorinocos] may turn out to be another electoral flop. Banco de Venezuela is not buying them like Hugo said. The bonds do not exist as they have yet to appear in the Official Gazette. The certificates handed out by Chavez were temporary and the unions are mad as Hell. Where is Fidel to advise Hugo when he needs it?

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