There is no such thing as bad publicity

I ask some friends working with Capriles about the difference in media presence between the all-powerful, ever-present Comandante and “El Flaco.”

Their response surprised me.

In a nugget, they say that, because Chávez is sick and is not out and about that much, Henrique has gotten a lot of free media time, more than they expected. Chávez’s relative absence from the news cycle, combined with Capriles’ juggernaut campaign, means that journalists cover Capriles’ whistlestops more than they normally would.

Henrique is, in a way, grabbing a lot of free air time thanks to his schedule. Some if it is negative, undoubtedly. But even VTV viewers know that Capriles is here or there, talking about this or that, even though everything is portrayed in a negative light.

They think this is going significant ways toward making up the massive imbalance in the campaign.