Miraflores Sit Room Exposed!


The latest cadena from Miraflores had a different setting than usual:

Meet the “Presidential Command Post”. Probably you have heard of it by its other name: The Sala Situacional. But, is this the first time it’s been seen in public?

Not too bad for our standards, but doesn’t it just look like a cheaper version of this?

AHA! The White House Situation Room, Chavernment-style. Se les ven las costuras…

They call themselves anti-Imperialists, but love to imitate the Empire. #TrueStory

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  1. De llorar y no parar :p don’t even want to imagine how will miraflores and la casona will look or be after 13 years of rancho mentality painting the walls of the said spaces. Triple yuck :p :p:p

    • It’s called “Colectivo Naif”–exempt from the Govt./TS decree. You can see it on the walls of 23 de Enero depicting other relevant figures, such as El “Che”, Marulanda, et.al.

  2. Honestly, I don’t get the point of this post. What exactly should a situational room look like? Don’t folk sit around a table during meetings? If this was a joke on the part of Juan, it went right over my head.

  3. see two similarities: VP to the right and one female. Also, right seating sequence same: civilian, civilian, military, civilian (all male). Surely there’s more

  4. The cheaper (and dumbest) versión of the Whitehouse Situation Room, bug with a big difference: They are just watching TV (metiendo el paro)

  5. La función debe continuar….

    These are the words that close the cycle that started with “por ahora”.  A simple slip during a moment of crisis has exposed the naked truth: es pura pantalla.  His command center is really a big editing room. The revolution needs to be televised as it only exists on tv.  

    Briquet nailed it today: un telegobierno. 

    But all shows must end. 

  6. Chavez with a headset making the real-time Big Decisions: (To the Amuay firemen) “Squirt the water more to the left” : [That’s plenty, thanks -ft]

  7. Love the woman’s bolso slung over the back of her chair, kinda like she just blew in, after shopping at the mercado. Quién es ella?

  8. Gustavo, great job! You got us into La Patilla, and we didn’t have to demean ourselves or our readers to do so.

  9. I think the main difference is the number of members of th military. On the first there is only one (Mike Mullen), on the second there are many more current or former military members. But well, the chavernment was never about hiring those who know about what they are talking about, but hiring those who are loyal to the wannabe king.


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