When the levee breaks


Earlier this year, we reported on Lake Valencia’s rising waters, which by some estimates could flood parts of South Maracay by August. Now we’re in the end of such month and the zone is still close to disaster according to this video from earlier this week:

That’s the protection levee located in Mata Redonda, one of the Maracay neighborhoods that could be completely flooded if it is overrun by the lake’s waters. Their inhabitants, as those from La Punta (another nearby sector in peril) have been already evacuated.

Meanwhile, the Aragua State government is working around the clock to increase the height of the levee, but only after locals protested its poor condition.

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  1. Wow, looks like New Orleans.

    This is just another event of the many that are piling atop Chavez as we reach election day. They are now denying that the Indians were murdered & that the event is a media creation. The false farm. What will be on tomorrow’s menu.

    Yesterday he again repeated that Capriles was going to call “fraud” after he loses on 7O. This is a constant theme from Chavismo these days. Doesn’t give me much hope that they will not try to pull something off on election day. In fact, I’m sure of it.

    CHAVEZ: :”Él dice que va a ganar, nada, no hay encuesta alguna en la que él crea a menos que le favorezca (…) Lo más seguro y debemos irnos preparando para eso también, es que el 7 de octubre él salga y ellos salgan a cantar fraude. Preparémonos”.:

    By the way he looks just terrible – bloated & eyes all squinty. He’s not well.

  2. Gustavo

    I drove over la cabrera viaduct Thursday. The water has reached it and there is lemma growing under.

    Let a not forget that if perez jimenez built la cabrera as a viaduct it is because there was memory that the lake rises and fall. Construction of mata redonda should never have been allowed. Writing this I am not defending chavez who has his share of stuff he should have never allowed and that will come back to bite us in the assignment sooner than later. My point is that mata redonda should be our national monuments to facilismo and pa’l carajo characters. The difference between AD and Chavez is that the later made this into virtues.

  3. It is true that the water level of Lake Valencia have been rising for many years. However, what you fail to mention is that the level of the lake has been boosted in recent weeks by excessive rainfall………….so flooding is possible as in any otehr country in the world in these circumstances, especially as recent heavy rains in caracas and the center of the country have been caused by the tail end of hurricanes in the Caribbean.

    Why do you always make a drama out of a crisis when the Aragua governor is working to solve this problem?

    I knjow, I know………whenever a river breaks its banks in Venezuela after heavy rainfall it is Chavez’s fault.

    OT – only 37 days to go before you all start crying fraud. 🙂

  4. In that video you can see on the right hand side a lot of water flowing over the soil part of that levee. I would bet money that entire area is already flooded from when this video was taken. Water erosion is very fast.

  5. arturo, with all the sewage and industrial waste water flowing into lake valencia from Maracay, Valencia, San Joaquin, Gucara, Los Guayos, San Diego, Guigue, Mariara and who knows what else the lake will rise even in the dry season. Each year there is more water comsumption and so more sewage, it is not JUST the rain . Yes the problem has been there forever but in 14 years your president has not done anything but decide to pump the contaminated lake water into the cachinche water shed which is where all the drinking water comes from for the centeral states of the country. We drink the sewage water with heavy metals and agriculture chemicals now in this part of the country!!!!! Apart from this as comander in chief of this country he is ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING that happens here because that is how the military has always worked here and that is how he has played the game for 14 years he decides everything, so he is ultimately responsible!


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