“Sensation of Insecurity” Chronicles


A team from Caracas newspaper Ultimas Noticias went to cover CNE’s election drill in the down-on-its-luck neighborhood of El Valle. What they found out when they arrived was a dead body outside Román Valecillos public school, victim of a recent shootout. But bad guys were still out and about and started to fire. A UN reporter managed to record a bit of the incident:

The video speaks for itself. Of course, the only thing that was extraodinary about it was that it ended up on film – this kind of thing happens every day, and was just a footnote to a violent August in Caracas.

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  1. A lingusttic note: I’m not sure “sensation” here translates well.

    All snobbery aside, though, this was one of those short-thus-unexpectedly-devastating posts CC does so well.

  2. If so many people are being murdered, as according to US funded opposition sources, why don’t we see any interviews from these suppose “Murdered” people?? Why doesn’t Capriles meet with them? All this talk of violence and murder is just a smokescreen by the CIA and Obama to destabilize the Bolivarian revolution and return the power to corporations and undo Chavez’s nationalization of the oil industry returning it to the former owners of Exxon. Furthermore, violence is not bad in Venezuela, because the number of people being arrested for violent crimes is declining by the day!!

    The US has much more people in prison, showing that violence is much worse in the US.

  3. I’m sorry Blog, but Arturo has really outdone himself this time–“Why don’t we see any interviews from these supposed “Murdered” people?? Why doesn’t Capriles meet with them?” Why, Capriles HAS tried to do this, but he still hasn’t found a “Medium” capable of achieving it! Arrrrrrrrrturo, the Standup Comic.


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