Ground Game Update


Check out the fancy editing on 0:50. Take that, Chávez!

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  1. Do I catch a not-so-veiled glimpse of ese hombre sí camina? Smart move in a country where adecos defined many generations of popular activism.

    • Island,Would agree that it looks better than anything coming from Chavez, but personally I find it creepy to see so much hysterical emotional .I would like to avoid manic/ depressive tendencies if it were me.I had one of those moments where the meme: Be careful what you wish for comes to mind.

      I realize that I am not the typical Venezuelan gal, even though I lived there more years than many here have had life.I am not a typical type from anywhere really, but I have to say this AD scares me a bit.It really creeps me out.Too hysterical.

  2. So we have a video showing Capriles among enthusiastic crowds, plus a few ‘movilizadores’ to cheer for him. A few non-voters are fearful. Perhaps they prefer:
    More Chávez?
    A no-energy campaign from Capriles?

    • P.S. I loved the Capriles ad (for movilizadores). Here are my favorite segments:

      — el progreso no excluye a nadie, no tiene color.
      — cuando una persona es presidente, es presidente de todos los venezolanos.
      — la gente de Capriles es emprendedora, gente trabajadora .. (clap, clap) a pararse, a votar.
      — La esperanza siempre derrota el miedo.
      — (tambores, action call for movilizadores.)


  3. I loved it, the demographics of the characters look and talk (finally) like the majority of Venezuelans and that is because they ARE part of the audience they need to convince. I think they finally got it. I did think the camina think might reminisce of CAP, still the best campaigner we have had, I didn’t expect it but they have done everything by the book, I would not be surprised they ran the concept in focus groups and it worked.
    Another explanation might be that they included the camina as a contrast with Chavez who can barely walk…

    • Mora, I could not agree more with you. I wrote in an earlier comment that the political ads give me hope as they show that the mentality of only using in advertisements “leche y espuma” types is changing. I am very encouraged by this.


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