Apagón con apagón se paga

Havana and half of Cuba went pitch dark. Over there, it’s news. Where I live, it’s business as usual.

Western provinces of Cuba  (including the capital Havana) suffered a four hour electrical blackout last Sunday night. The official explanation by Cuban authorities is “…a failure in a high tension wire that interrupted the service.” It was the worst blackout over there in a decade, affecting at least five million people.

The very same day there were unannounced blackouts in eleven Venezuelan states. CORPOELEC has informed nothing about them.

It’s kind of ironic that Cuba is having an electrical crisis of its own after they provided the Chavernment with assistance to deal with our electric crisis. From sending one their “top men” on the matter to selling us electrical plants of questionable quality. Now looks like we’re exporting our blackouts back to them. Will Venezuela export future excuses as well?

Power outages are increased lately in many Venezuelan states, including my home state of Lara. The neighborhood where I live now faces programmed two-hours cuts twice a week at night. If that’s the way how the comandante presidente wants to win back the middle class… good luck with that.

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  1. Yeah. I saw the Cuba story and thought, what’s the big deal? One of my relatives in a major city in the interior had recently booked an appointment for some essential dental work. She had to find someone to replace her while she went to the dentist, no easy feat in this case. The day of the appointment came a blackout of several hours and it had to be cancelled. Lost work for the dentist, a backlog and more waits, hours of lost productivity, and two people will have to rearrange their lives so this simple transaction can happen on another day. And will there be another blackout THAT day? Multiply this by the millions of affected Venezuelans. This is a normal day. In an energy-resource rich country. Chavez has failed his people massively. Will there be a blackout on election day?

  2. “Rabi-pelaos, Zamuros, Iguanas & Ratoncitos of the World, UNITE!” An Electricity Generation and Distribution Company needs you All in these Turbulent and ill-illuminated times!

  3. Question: Can the voting machines run on steam? In the event of widespread power cuts (already here anyway) would that provide relief to authorities charged with a ‘timely’ announcement of results of any elections that may in the offing? Or, lights-offing, if you will? Any creative revolutionary ought to be able to work tactical electoral wonders with a manifestly dodgy power supply nationwide.

    And, would an ill-intentioned individual even go as far as to broach the possibility of blackouts in electoral run-up periods as being compatible with a purposeful plan for dark doings and jiggery-pokery “on the day”?


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