JCCaldera Steps In It


Hand it to Jorge Rodríguez: Comando Carabobo’s smear campaign is extremely well orchestrated.

The video, apparently made last June, shows close Capriles supporter Juan Carlos Caldera accepting a white envelope from a pixelated, voice-altered figure, then trying to arrange a meeting between the two “abroad” to avoid Venezuelan state security. With three separate hidden cameras, this looks like a Disip sting that Caldera just walked right into.


There are more questions than answers at this point: who is the intermediary? Who is ‘El Jefe’? What ended up on the Disip’s cutting room floor? What’s Caldera going to say about all this? One thing’s for sure: the visuals are grisly…

Still, what gets me is the way the Chavernment mobilizes the state’s security resources not to enforce the law, but purely to smear his opponents. There was never any thought given to using this as the basis of a judicial investigation – the entire operation is purely made-for-TV.

Capriles had little choice but to dump the guy in a major hurry, and that’s just what he did.

La función debe continuar, I guess.

So how high in the dirty-trick-o-meter are we now? 5 out of 10? 6 maybe?

Because make no mistake: we will get to 10 before this is all over.

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  1. Watching the video I am reminded of the phrase “I know it when I see it”. So even thou the video stinks of dirty dealings, I cant exactly pinpoint what JCC did wrong. Is it the cash? Is it the anonimity of “el jefe”? Is it avoiding the authorities? Is it the pixels?

    Can someone explain?

    • Assuming it’s money in that envelope, and assuming el Jefe counts as a foreign domiciled entitity, then he’s accepting campaign financing from foreign sources, and that’s illegal.

      But that’s assuming a lot of stuff, certainly…

      • There is money visible in the video at some point. But its never stated that is for the campaign per se, the only thing you can assume for the video is that Caldera is selling a meeting with Capriles, which is highly unethical but not illegal.

    • For what I could understand, the unidentified person is an intermediary of someone he refers as “El Jefe”, who is looking to set up a meeting with Henrique Capriles. Caldera explains him that such meeting must be overseas, as Henrique is followed by intelligence agents here. Caldera recieves some form of payment for his efforts to set the meeting.

      The key here is why keeping the other person’s identity hidden. Covering his voice and his face. The multiple camera set-ups. This was a sting operation, pure and simple.

  2. This is so fishy. If the boss is allegedly paying for a plan to destabilize why isn’t his name not released or charges pressed against him and Caldera? How did they obtain the video, did they break in into the office or house or office of the boss who was bizarrely taping his own meetings conspiring against the government ? Did they have a warrant to do that? Either that video is a fake, meaning the alleged boss and thing was a set up or it was illegally obtained.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/pages/NOTICIAS-AL-DIA-Y-A-LA-HORA/113048215379177

    Capriles: Juan Carlos Caldera “queda excluido de la campaña política”

    El candidato presidencial Henrique Capriles Radonski ofrece una rueda de prensa desde el Comando Venezuela. Acotó que en su recorrido por el país ha estado recibiendo pr
    opuestas y conociendo los problemas de los venezolanos para buscar un mejor futuro. “Yo no voy a permitir que nadie utilice mi nombre para beneficio personal, buscando preventas”.

    Capriles indicó que durante una reunión fue informado sobre un video que había sido colocado en un canal de televisión y aprovechó para recordar que todo lo conseguido durante su carrera política se lo ha ganado con el voto de los ciudadanos.

    “Yo formo parte de un nuevo liderazgo”, explicó y recordó que en el estado Miranda inició una lucha contra la corrupción. “Recuerdo que muchos de los que están en el gobierno decían que la nueva Venezuela no podía tener espacio para la corrupción”, dijo señalando sus días en el extinto Congreso Nacional.

    “Nuestra Venezuela anda buscando un camino, nuestro país anda buscando algo mucho mejor. Yo ando recorriendo este país para buscar algo mejor pero un proyecto honesto”, afirmó.

    Aseguró que no acepta chantajes ni presiones de las élites en Venezuela. “Dada la información que tenemos, el diputado Juan Carlos Caldera queda fuera de este proyecto. Él se puso al margen de este proyecto que estamos construyendo con los dedos. Nadie tiene derecho a utilizar mi nombre para buscar beneficios políticos. Queda excluido de la campaña política, queda excluido además como representante nuestro ante el Consejo Nacional Electoral. Nos ponemos a la orden de las autoridades para que abran una investigación”.

    Explicó que para él lo más importante es la ética y la honestidad. “Yo le digo a este gobierno, hagan lo que hagan, les digo que yo no estoy en ese pantano de corrupción”, aseveró.

  4. esta gente no sirve ni para grabar un video y poner subtitulos coño… algo que hasta mi hermanito de 4 años sabe hacer… yo no pude entender ni leer nada de lo que se habla alli

  5. Obvious entrapment. Filthy tactics from a desperate man.

    And yet, none of the above changes the fact that Caldera was a willing participant. A crook is a crook no matter how he is exposed.

  6. How do you say “huevon” in english? Because that is what that stupid Caldera guy is.

    And who gets a collateral benefit from this? The other “huevon”, William Ojeda, who is going to milk that cow until it’s dry.

  7. So, all of the sudden, the opposition has no candidate in Petare. Great.

    I do think that Capriles’ swift reaction and condemnation of Caldera shows a remarkable contrast with Chávez. He can now point to Caldera and Rafael Ramírez (re. Amuay) and say “in my team, there is accountability. In chavismo, there is none.” He should wear the Caldera scandal like a badge of honor.

    • Capriles’ response was great. He looked mad as hell. I completely share his anger.

      Good point comparing this to Chavez’s continous defense of Ramirez, even after Amuay.

  8. this question may seem a bit stupid, but why is it that instead of the police releasing the video (which would imply a criminal investigation) it was deputies who did it, implying a political witch-hunt? will this not be questioned?

    • One small fact, the deputy who presented the video is Julio Chavez (not related) from Lara. He’s PSUV’s main guy in Carora and a key ally of Luis Reyes Reyes, Chavismo’s top dog here. He’s a member of the NA oversight commitee and along with its president Pedro Carreño (which represents Lara even if he’s not from here) has been pushing corruption investigations against Lara Governor Henri Falcon all year long.

  9. It is unfortunate that this fatty jerkoff is distracting the national news spotlight from what probably constitutes a State Crime: Aponte Aponte just confessed though a statement about having deliberately sentenced the 11-A comisarios to the maximum jail sentence at the behest of HCH himself, as well as making every effort possible in order to botch and delay the trials… More well-timed smear tactics? Or unfortunate coincidence?

    • The timing of the Caldera “show” today was to cover the Aponte “show” today. Chavismo have been sitting on the Caldera video since June waiting for the moment – and they timed it just right.

  10. What a wonderful service Jorge Rodriguez has done the opposition by making this video public. Anyone who’s close to what’s really happening in politics in Caracas knows the MUD’s entire CT (technical committee) is dirty, and has been doing for months, years what Caldera’s caught on camera doing here. Why, this is the guy who signed the “chucuta” campaign rules agreement that so rankled Henrique several months ago!

    Who are the others? Well, for one, Enrique Márquez as right-hand man to Manuel Rosales was an enabler of the 2006 fraud, where by early afternoon up to three-quarters of Rosales’ poll witnesses had left their posts. How did that happen? Well, they were chosen to do just that, while thousands of true-blue A-list witnesses were kept waiting for credentials that never arrived. Márquez, in cahoots with Felix Arroyo (then head of SAIPE at the CNE), did his job then, got certified as an “expert” in election matters and was shunted into the CT so that he could keep the game going in subsequent elections. Felix Arroyo of course is the hands-down winner in the electoral corruption sweepstakes, but Mario Torre and Vicente Bello come in close behind. Felix, in case no one on this forum knows, was named Organization under-secretary of AD by Felix Arroyo right after he left the CNE. I wonder is Henry Ramos is feeling a little queasy watching Caldera swinging from the lampost.

    What most people don’t seem to understand is that the scummy little players like David de Lima and William Ojeda are just the tip of a massive iceberg of corruption that encompasses to some degree or other all the parties, but not necessarily all people within those parties. For ever Caldera that gets outed like this there are 20 others quaking in their boots. Why do you suppose that the CT accepted in May without a whimper of protest the CNE’s imposition of the SAI system, which hooks up sophisticated interactive thumbprint scanners directly (and visibly!) to the voting machines (see (http://www.cne.gov.ve/web/sala_prensa/noticia_detallada.php?id=2029). Hey, if the voters had seen this in 2005 they would have boycotted the elections without having to be shown that the damn things violated the secrecy of their vote!

    Why do you think the opposition has been so generally goddam ineffective since the good ole bad ole days of the Coordinadora Democrática? Key people who call the shots or are in a position to fumble the ball have been paid off, that’s why.

    And these key people are having not-so-secret meetings right now to see how they can sabotage Henrique’s magnificent campaign, and in turn get more perks from the government, like maybe the Zulia governorship, for example?

    No, the PSUV is doing us a wonderful favor by exposing the scum within the oppo ranks. Let the games begin. There are a lot more of them. Better sooner than later. That way Henrique knows who he can trust and who he can dump when he starts to build his administration.

  11. It’s hilarious to read Francisco suggest that a more appropriate use for the security video would have been as the basis for a ‘judicial investigation’ rather than a ‘made-for-TV’ operation. Because it isn’t hard to guess Francisco’s reaction if there were a judicial investigation: the Chavez government is using the courts to punish his political opponents! What ever happened to an independent judiciary?! Whatever the ingredients Francisco cooks up the same bullshit.


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