Carora hearts Capriles


Could the enthusiastic welcome given to Henrique Capriles in Carora today – where he drew a contrast on the issue of corruption between himself and Chávez – be a sign that he emerged from yesterday’s mini-scandal in a stronger position than before?

‘Cause after watching that video from yesterday, I tend to agree with Geha.

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  1. HCR is rocking and clearly came out ahead. People are not stupid and can draw contrasts with the Chavista regime and its complete lack of accountability when it comes to corruption.

    • Touche. Today’s crowd was huge for local standards.

      HCR is right now in Barquisimeto with Lara governor Falcon and Monagas Governor “El Gato” Briceño. Surprising move by Briceño, as that the opposition is sticking with Soraya Hernandez (chosen in the primary) as their candidate for the Dec. 16th election.

    • Its not really IVAD, its Delphos (Felix Seijas Jr). Not only that, they mention that Chavez is not growing while Capriles is still going up…. I would love to read about Quico and JC’s take on this, what do they honestly think, what do they know from inside… At least at this point

  2. Is Carora Chavez territory or something? Capriles brings out these level of crowds everywhere he goes. I dunno, I don’t see anything particularly “new” about this unless Carora is Chavez territory.

    • I concur. And I think caution is required when assessing crowd size from photos or videos. They tend to make crowds look much larger than they really are – a fact which is exploited by Capriles’ press team. In Pto Cabello this week – to give one example – the Comando Venezuela said there were 20,000 in the crowd, and Carlos Ocariz said it was five blocks long. Actually it was one (admittedly rather long, but very narrow) block, and the crowd was probably a tenth of the size claimed.

      • I have to admit though. He’s speaking at a stadium right now and he’s … pretty much filled it. Pretty cool. I don’t know if there’s a correlation though.

  3. Quico and JC prudent at this stage of the game???!!! We are going to win and the signal has to be sent loud and clear. Remember “Lead, follow or get the F out of the way”

  4. Carora has around 90.000 inhabitants. How many people do you estimate are present in the video above?



    I don’t understand why people get so excited about this kind of things…


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