Just 3.5% in kickbacks?! Man, those Navantia guys are tough…

Se perdieron esos reales…

What does it say about Venezuela that when I read this story about Spanish shipbuilder Navantia paying €42 million in kickbacks for the contract to build those eight Venezuelan navy ships (one of which, alas, already ran aground off the coast of Brazil) my first reaction was to think, “wow, remember never to sit down to play poker with those Navantia guys!”

3.5%?! That’s all?!!

Those guys are tough as nails!

I thought the going rate was more in the neighborhood of 10-15%, especially for big contracts like this.

In Spain, the big scandal concerns the €12 million that ended up in the pockets of Socialist Party bigwigs. The €30 million stolen by the sudaca counterparties is firmly in dog-bites-man territory.

Sure, it’s roughly 4,000 times as much money as Wilmer Ruperti is alleged to have paid Juan Carlos Caldera…but then, is anybody really surprised if a tiger has 4,000 times more stripes than a bunny rabbit?!

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    • “Professional” European-style socialism? No. Quasi-mystic kleptocratic amateurish socialism masquerading as the real thing to hide the all-pervasive corruption and greed? Most certainly!

      Is this where one says, “Welcome to the big league?”

      I believe graft exists everywhere, but outside of most South American and African countries, and particularly outside of Vzla, most recognize that killing the golden goose with extortionate demands ultimately isn’t good for long term revenue streams. Gently, gently, with just a nibble here and there.

  1. Quico, this was a very interesting purchase. Four of the boats (the large ones) are for all common purposes missile boats without the missiles. They keep talking about adding the missiles later but they can’t. These boats where made for the Lockheed Verticle Launch Systsm (VLS) tightly controlled by the U.S. Navy. Only 11 partner nations have the system.

    So they bought the boats with sensors and combat management system from Thales (the latest in Western technology) but they did not get the missiles and they will not get them. They have a big empty space where the missiles go. They cannot retrofit European, Russian or Chinese systems. They WHY BUY THE FUCKING BOATS? 🙂

  2. The Navantia Flickr image galleries have been recently edited to remove most interior images of the Venezuelan boat PC-21 Guaqueri:


    you can see many of the original images in smaller form here:


    many of the original images still in Flickr or Google cache.

    these images included the combat operations center, the Antisubmarine Warfare center and the bridge. These images showed the Thales TACTICOS combat management system.

    No le veo mucha importancia a esto…it’s a done deal. Pero me parece raro que quitaron esas imagenes y dejaron otras… they sterilized the gallery. The original images where taken April 2011 and posted to Flickr on January 24, 2012:


    government videos on youtube (VTV, etc) and elsewhere, say these boats will have missiles installed which is not possible unless they mean a sailor standing on deck with a portable manpad:


    Navantia marketing videos of the same boats shows six fake vertical launch missile covers at 3:05:

    The Thales radar and combat management system ties directly Lockheed Mark 41 VLS:


    They bought boats made for the Mark-41 but without the Mk-41 VLS. They cannot retrofit other systems, they just wont fit or communicate with the CMS. WTF where they thinking? The US Navy will NOT grant Mark-41 licenses EVER to Venezuela. They where better off buying eight of the small boats.

  3. what I posted here was shared a while ago with people who understand this things on both sides of the pond. The Spaniards know they are up to their ears in monkey business with the RBV


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