Great moments in political animation

I can’t get over how cool this ad is. It reminds me of a post I wrote a few years ago, comparing Chavez to The Blob. I hope it goes viral.

HT: Someone… I forgot who sent it to me originally. I think it was Geha.

After the jump, Quico adds,

The animation Juan points to is definitely good: straightforward, powerful, no B.S. My only concern is that it’s a bit Inside Baseball, don’t you think?

In a way I prefer this one:

Partly, because I like the humor and the Isla Presidencial vibe. But mostly, cuz I think the framing is excellent. It’s not Chavez vs. Capriles. Chávez and Capriles are on the same team! El pueblo isn’t a spectator, it’s the manager. And the manager needs to get rid of Chávez not to defeat him, much less to humiliate him, but just so we can all defeat our common problems. Even as he gets clobbered, ‘el pitcher’ lives under the delusion that nobody can replace him. But the manager isn’t buying it…

It’s shrewd, and it’s real.