Great moments in political animation


I can’t get over how cool this ad is. It reminds me of a post I wrote a few years ago, comparing Chavez to The Blob. I hope it goes viral.

HT: Someone… I forgot who sent it to me originally. I think it was Geha.

After the jump, Quico adds,

The animation Juan points to is definitely good: straightforward, powerful, no B.S. My only concern is that it’s a bit Inside Baseball, don’t you think?

In a way I prefer this one:

Partly, because I like the humor and the Isla Presidencial vibe. But mostly, cuz I think the framing is excellent. It’s not Chavez vs. Capriles. Chávez and Capriles are on the same team! El pueblo isn’t a spectator, it’s the manager. And the manager needs to get rid of Chávez not to defeat him, much less to humiliate him, but just so we can all defeat our common problems. Even as he gets clobbered, ‘el pitcher’ lives under the delusion that nobody can replace him. But the manager isn’t buying it…

It’s shrewd, and it’s real.

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  1. I loved the idea of the second ad, but the result is a dissapointment. As a baseball fan myself, I cannot stand the awful analogies they used…
    In a country in which baseball is the national pastime, these guys somehow put together the less knowledgeable people in the country to write a script about baseball.
    It’s not as bad as a person I know stating that Vizquel was probably a pitcher because he had a glove, but it os not that far away…

  2. I loved the second ad; it reflects the change of message adopted by this new opposition. It took them many years but at last they are doing things right!

  3. The second ad is good, but too long… even for a YouTube audience, for which is aimed.

    And the mimicry of Chavez is unpleasant. He comes more as a fool than an ideologue.

    • With 350.000 views in less than 10 days I think the argument that is too long falls short. I agree that youtube content has to be short and effective, but when the content is good 4 minutes can feel like 2. Is not about time, is about content. I don’t think there’s anther piece of the either campaign with that many views in less than 10 days: that’s effective.

    • First thing I thought of too!

      I liked the first ad better, but I thought both were pretty good even though the second one seemed a bit long

  4. Last video is a master piece! i am still with taquicardia….
    Esperemos que El Camino nos lleve adelante.
    Animo y fuerza!
    …lo unico con lo que no comulgo the count down, the Camino no termina en octubre, recien comienza.

  5. I really like both videos. They are different and aimed at different audiences, but both are valid in my opinion. As an avid (addict) reader of CC, Devil’s Poop, Daniel, and Coronel, I obviously very much identify with the first one, but despite my very meager enthusiasm for baseball, I found the second one extremely effective and most importantly, very honorable, because it doesn’t put Chávez as the enemy, but rather as part of OUR team. That’s exactly the opposite of the chavista philosophy and I found it tremendously encouraging, because in all these years I don’t remember an opposition candidate stressing that point of view.

  6. Shame The baseball clip has not been aired on tv. Easy to make a shorter, edited version. Wonder why Such an effective message has not been used to the utmost, youtube seems not enough of a resource to reach the wider audience.


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