He Who Shall Not Be Named Chronicles…


Once every great while, buried under the heaps of T&A, LaPatilla.com really does have an interesting tidbit. Witness

From Briceño Guerrero to this…oy vey…


    • I agree about the speech and the fact that he is removing himself from office during the investigation shows a willingness to take responsibility for his actions that is rare and welcome in Venezuelan politics of the last few years.

  1. is it “tits and ass”? O.o ok we know these chavistas will stoop to any low… specially discussing this incident. while their boliburges corruption slides by unmentioned. heard about amuay lately? pudreval? makled? aponte aponte’s confession?? afiuni’s attack? econoinvests prisoners?

  2. O. T. El Palito Refinery near Pto. Cabello is on fire, supposedly due to a “rayo”. No electricity in the area. Roads blocked by authorities/traffic. No news on TV. The nail in the coffin??

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