The Wrong Type of Lightning


That’s right, folks. It’s not gringo mercenaries, wayward possums or Langley-trained iguanas that got El Palito refinery. It’s the wrong type of lightning:

Petróleos de Venezuela reconoció que los sistemas de pararrayos que están instalados en la refinería de El Palito no soportan altas descargas pese a que el norte del estado Carabobo es considerado como una de las zonas del país con mayor descarga de rayos.

“A veces la densidad de los rayos es tan alta que vence las protecciones e impactan los tanques”, dijo Asdrúbal Chávez, vicepresidente de refinación, comercio y suministro de Pdvsa, al referirse a la razón del incendio ocurrido el miércoles en la noche en dos tanques de almacenamiento de naftas.

Remarkable coincidence, isn’t it, how the person best qualified to manage PDVSA’s refining, marketing and internal logistics just happened to be first cousins with the president…

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  1. As an engineer I always try to have a scientific approach to things. Its not the first fire in an oil refinery I’ve heard to be caused by heavy lightning; well, shit happens, nature is powerfull and things can go awry. But its been nothing but a month since Amuay (which people have seemed to forgot already) and the fact that this clown (who is an engineer himself) tries to sell me a truth being him part of an all-lying sack of well-known bullshitters, makes me think just that they arent giving any maintenance to facilities. Come on, two massive fires in less than a month?

  2. Finally some recognition for the remarkable and varied technical and managerial abilities of the Chavez clan which only have been discovered in recent years!

  3. Zeus and Hephaestus: 1
    PDVSA Roja Rojita: 0

    You’d think they’d have the best available protection for naphtha tanks and in fact for everything in a refinery, given flammability and all that.

    Venezuela run as a family business. Chavez’s family, that is. At this point they could go all the way and get themselves named princes with long names like Ibrahim Khalid al-something etc. etc. and don caftans (or liquiliquis for that matter), house of al Chavez, king Hugo… Already some have the lifestyles of princelings.


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