Marquina doubles down

Not letting the cancer issue go away

Both Quico and I are a bit busy today. Still, I wanted to highlight this interview with Dr. Jose Rafael Marquina by Spanish newspaper ABC.

Marquina has become a sort of source-de rigueur for all things related to Chávez’s medical condition, by virtue of … his self-confidence, I guess.

The money quote:

“It is evident that the President is receiving high doses of steroids and painkillers, such as fentanyl,  which he receives for his pain. He is taking it late at night and early in the morning, due to the campaign. That is why Chávez always appears in public in the afternoon or early evenings.”

I don’t know if this guy is right or not, and frankly I’m a little suspicious of a doctor in Naples, Fla, knowing so much about Chávez’s health. But … if he’s right and Capriles loses on October 7th, we may be looking at another Presidential election in a short while.

I mean, Chávez was not seen in public yesterday – can he really be as cured as he claims he is?

Let’s keep that in mind.

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