Domesticar el Petróleo


Maybe we’ve been going about this all wrong. Maybe the problem with the oil industry is down to gigantism, an inhuman scale that concentrates wealth along a handful of chokepoints. Maybe the scale is the problem.

What if instead of handing the task off to a handful of giants, each of us refined our own oil at home? How would Venezuela be different if tiny little cat crackers were as ubiquitous in the barrio as DirecTV dishes?

Can’t imagine that? This guy can…

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  1. 1) Holy great leaps forward, Giordani!

    2) Lleve su refinería familiar! Llévela que se agotan…

    3) When I went to school abroad, a Scottish professor was sure I had to have an oil rig in my backyard back home. I did not have a rig, nor a backyard. Maybe I should have tried fracking in the polluted concrete of the garage.

    • Juan es que ahora más que nunca nos hacen falta estos “mental health breaks”.

      Mi predicción es que el tráfico a la página del Chigüire crecera exponencialmente a medida que nos acercamos a la elección. Claro, quizás eso no sea una predicción exacta, pero a diferencia de las predicciones de Datanalisis es al menos “falsifiable”.

  2. Well I have my own forge, foundry on the works and… a still (yes). But refining oil is too much (and surely a crime to have crude oil in a barrel, I dont know, stealing oil from the pueblo? ha ha)

  3. This reminds me the home made wine process. It’s so complicated with poor results, that it’s not worth.
    I wonder what the city of Toronto bylaws would say about this if they find out?

  4. It reminds me of Jeremy Rifkin’s book The Hydrogen Economy. If we could all become micro-producers of energy, all the problems of the world would go away.

    I would not be surprised if when Rob Ford finishes his term of office in Toronto, people are refining their own oil in their apartments…

  5. The only kind of successful distributed production is distributed computing and that’s because each PC is basically a tiny computing factory. Most people use maybe 5-10% of the computing power of their PCs over the lifetime of the machine.


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