Margarita Airport users can’t get a break


The situation at the Santiago Mariño International Airport (which serves Margarita Island) has not improved after its recent change of management. In fact, some problems are getting worse since my last post.

First, the airport is not spared the electric blackouts. Thanks to its electric plant, basic operations continued at least twice this week.

But passengers have to face the fact that some airlines are unprepared to deal with contingencies: for example some people have complained that the personnel of private carrier Rutaca doesn’t organize the list of those interested in buying tickets, leaving that responsibility to customers themselves.

Public areas don’t have enough chairs and people are forced to wait in the floor if delays occur (which is usual). The Airport refuses to put out more chairs, because according to them “…they could cause interruptions in transit and can be used as blunt objects in case of incidents”.


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  1. Maybe if they weld some chairs together they would be harder to use as “blunt objects”. Though I guess they could then be used as battering rams or catapults.

  2. “…they could cause interruptions in transit and can be used as blunt objects in case of incidents”

    I’m a big guy, so I could probably pick up one of those benches that have 5-6 chairs on it and throw it around. On the other hand, that’s awkward as hell and I’d definitely fail at hitting someone that way (I wouldn’t want to do such a thing anyways).

    Unless the airport authorities are talking about bar stools. Sounds classy, I’d like to see that place.


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