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And now, this week in crazy:

Luis Piedra, director de la Oficina de Planificación y Organismos Subalternos del CNE, anunció que el partido político Unidad Democrática decidió apoyar a la candidata Reina Sequera, por lo cual sus votos se sumarán a esa aspirante presidencial.

La tarjeta de Unidad Democrática ubicada en la tercera tercera columna y segunda fila del tarjetón electoral tiene la fotografía del candidato Henrique Capriles Radonski pero los votos que reciban serán para Reina Sequera.

Let’s review the score here: a name-squatter party whose name happens to coincide with a way the opposition’s Umbrella Group is often referred to in the media will have a spot on the ballot that will feature Henrique Capriles’s photo on it…but the votes it gets will go to this lady instead.

All I can say is…

Try this scenario on for size: it’s October 8th, and CNE announces Chávez won in a squeaker by 3,809 votes…and that “Reina Sequera” got 7,387 votes on the Unidad Democrática card, which had HCR’s mugshot on it.

Where have you gone, Jimmy Carter, a nation shoots daggers at you

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  1. I think this is unacceptable, it can be extremely misleading, and Unidad Democrática has a very prominent place in the ballot, better than the MUD. I went to the vote simulation and this can definitively be confusing for some people. BTW the vote is going to Reyna Sequera not María Bolívar (Although any excuse is good to watch that video)

    • True. But the butterfly ballot was an accident: designed by Democrats and not intended to help either side. This time it’s deliberate by the Chavistas, but with the same results.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve only voted in Venezuela once (paper ballot eons ago) and the rest of time in the US. Isn’t voting supposed to be electronic? Wouldn’t the screens be easily updated? It’s not as if they have to reprint millions of of ballots.

    • “Wouldn’t the screens be easily updated?”

      If we were talking about an actual government composed of thinking human beings with IQs averaging in the triple digits, that might be possible. But these guys are a bunch of retarded monkeys with the intellectual skills of of rotting lettuce. So no.

      Not to mention they wouldn’t want to do it, since that would invalidate their little Hail Mary play.

      The detail, of course, is that this is the kind of cheat that is so obvious and unforgivable that if they win thanks to it, even the nicest “comeflor” and their pet Yorkie will get their pitchforks and torches and go full Pinochet on their communist asses, and absolutely no one in the planet could possibly blame them for it.

    • Of course they CAN update them. But can’t you just see the CNE stating it wouldn’t be fair, because the electronic ballot has to match the sample ballot that has been circulated in advance? Because otherwise people might get confused. (They might think the CNE was unbiased – or maybe their real concern is fear that Chavez will think they are not in his pocket. Take your pick, but they will find some excuse to excuse this.)

      One can argue about the margin of votes that HCR will win by, but I truly wonder how many illiterate/semi-literate voters will be suckered in by this, going for the very first picture of Henrique or getting confused by the name. And remember that this is just one of many factors favoring Hugo, and a big fear is that the final margin is small enough for some kind of manuever to steal things that will be clothed in legitimacy.

      By the way, it’s the “best voting system in the world” precisely because it can be manipulated like this. If it were neutral and unbiased, Chavez would disapprove.

    • The screens are for the tally / showing you what you click. The voting machine itself has a little paper / plastic “ballot” that you press and it goes to the screen. While the argument may be made that they cannot print entirely new ones in time they could’ve still printed out a picture of the woman and taped it over Capriles, imo. It would only take a half dozen reams of paper at most and could be done by election day.

  3. Forgive me for being maybe overly optimistic, but a regime that needs to resort to such tactics doesn’t sound like one with a 10-point lead.

  4. I understand the frustration but there is no way Chavez wins or loses by 4,000 votes.

    Time to go for your mandated hourly walk around the block, Quico.

  5. Excuse me, but WHO CARES…?

    No one, listen, NO ONE will vote for Capriles using Unidad Democratica ballot. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY PROPAGANDA…! Even illiterate people can see logos and colors, for God’s sake…!

    Political parties will instruct the people to vote using their ballots (PJ, UNT, I already saw Henry Ramos Allup saying “Vote using MUD ballot, located in …). Stop the paranoia, please

    • “Mesa de la Unidad Democratica” and “Unidad Democrática” are pretty similar and there is little time to inform people about this change. Not to mention that many voters don’t read blogs or papers. They may not even watch the news on TV! This is serious. A crystal clear demonstration of the complete lack of neutrality on the part of CNE.

  6. Annoying without a doubt but shouldn’t be a surprise.
    This has never been about politics. Chavism is about crime on an extreme level. The action described in this article is purely a reflection of the workings of a criminal mind masterminded by Cuban scum.

    And if Capriles is successful, and I sincerely hope he is, his first action should be to arrest Hugo and his brother. At least one if not both are active DGI operatives. Their allegiance is to Cuba, only Cuba.

    Patria my arse. Chavez has made Venezuela Cuba’s whore. Chavez is to Venezuela as is cancer to Hugo might be a better way to put it.

    • How sad. And how disturbing that the attack took place at 4 pm. Assuming a new presidente Capriles, I hope that one of his first priorities is the building of jails around the country.

      • Three dead now. The people of Barinitas want the FARC out, the corruption to stop and they are sick of living in the Chavez family private hacienda.

    • It was to happen, with all the hate-speeks from El Comandante, calling to “defend the street”.
      And then Al Aissami speak of a “supuesto enfrentamiento”, the same wording used by Pinochets regime for the killing of unarmed people on protests…
      Hopeful this end soon…

  7. This is very serious. There will take TENS OF THOUSANDS of votes from Capriles. Yes, voters are that stupid. Already mentioned butterfly ballot on Florida was an ample testament to it. If Capriles team cannot fight this off before elections, he has no chance (and that means no chance whatsoever instead of 10-20% chance).

    • I got this message at the link to Aporrea:

      “Se le ha denegado el acceso a este foro.
      Por favor, contacte con el administrador o un moderador para más información.”

      • It works for me, but you can try copying the link (right mouse button) and pasting it in a new tab/window, they may have blocked the link from here.

      • Pero eso no va a parecer así en el momento de la votación, ese es el punto, es precisamente lo que trata de alertar el universal en la nota, que si votas por cualquiera de esos partidos que tienen la cara de Capriles, tu voto no se registrará a su favor, en el caso específico del partido Unidad Democrática, si votas por esa opción ahora estarás votando por Reina sequeral, pero nada de eso estará explícito en la tarjeta electrónica, entiendes? Personas que no tienen acceso al internet o no compran periódico o ven poca tv, tal vez nunca se enteraran de esto que alerta el Universal o globovisión.

  8. What I find particularly concerning about this is that an average voter doesn’t need to be illiterate/completely uninformed to fall for it. I mean, the way we are taught to read is from top to bottom, left to right and this is the first Capriles face our logical algorithm will find. Likewise, if the ballot is really the one posted in devil’s excrement blog http://devilsexcrement.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/tarjeton.jpg then apart from the unidad name and the misleading photo it also has HCR’s name on it. Basically anyone uninformed, or in a hurry to vote could fall for this. Perhaps this is not a game changer, but wouldn’t hurt to inform as much people as you can to minimize the impact of this (very clever) sucker punch.

    • 18? Wow, I see 22 different picture of Capriles on the ballot. Could they have done this to FOUR different party boxes, not just one?

      By the way, anyone starting a pool on how much UD received to support this switch? I’m thinking at least a million bucks for each individual involved in the decision.

      • The others “deserted” around the time that William “Cuanto vale un diputado” Ojeda had his hissy fit/deal with the devil moment a couple weeks ago.

  9. This was prepare from the begining, besides the “coincidence” in the name of the party, is the first appearance of Capriles face from the left, the most probable point for voters to choose. This cannot be legal, please tell me this is not legal.

  10. No puedo creer que sea legal votar por la cara de un candidato y que en el fondo se este votando por otro candidato legalmente, eso es discriminacion, viola el derecho al voto justo de los analfabetas. El Sr. Capriles esta vivo y es uno de los candidatos, no puede ser legal. Tiene que haber una forma de meter un recurso de amparo o algo asi.

  11. hey it could be worst, you could have 5000 different election councils like we have here in the States where many times we have election fraud ( not just in Miami or Florida) but all over the country.
    The old sayings in some places is “vote early, vote often, vote the Chicago way” and “it is not who votes in elections its who counts the votes”!. We are the land of corruption, so don’t look to the US.

    You do have the cleanest elections and stop crying like babbies…

    • The election process is certainly quite clean, just how it is designed, the process itself is hard to game (particularly if you have witnesses in every polling station). This doesn’t prevent them from manipulating the ballot as they’re doing here, disenfranchising voters by moving their polling stations to far off places (Miami’s consulate closure is an extreme example which disenfranchises 100k people), and political violence that pressures people to vote one way (check out this website: http://www.ustedabuso.com/). There are still plenty of ways to manipulate the system and it appears that the Chavista’s are pulling out all the punches they can muster. They are seeming desperate if you ask me.

    • Cleanest elections? Oppo cry-babies? Not according to news reported by Radio Nacional de Venezuela: http://bit.ly/SpD3zg

      The claim is that opposition activists dominate the IT department in the election council. And, that they are preparing a massive fraud shifting 2,000,000 voters around to give victory to Capriles.

      My take: I think we are seeing a certain Capriles victory on 7O and they, that have misgoverned Venezuela for 14 years, are paving the way for their excuses.

      • Yep, come O7 it won’t be the opposition crying fraud. It will be the Chavistas. Despite that all facts show that the Chavistas are trying to commit electoral fraud (the ballot manipulation being but one aspect of that).

      • Sorry for the double reply, but I hadn’t completed my thought. It reminds me of how the Chavistas responded to the CNE run F12 primaries and how they claimed that it wasn’t “physically possible” for the opposition to get as many votes as it got, with their own pitiful admission that they had a reduced number of polling stations available.

  12. Interestingly enough, I received a sample ballot about a week ago that already had “VOTO NULO” over the Unidad Democratica spot, so this is no surprise to Comando Venezuela.

    Yes it is a mess, but the easy way to counter it is to provide voters with a “chuleta” or cheat sheet pointing out which are the null votes, and which are the right votes. You stand 201 meters away from the polling station and hand them out.

    That is what we are going to do in Washington.

  13. Lessons of the day: we would have been better with only the MUD card on the ballot without falling into the temptations of the Venezuelan electoral systems. The MUD should try to do something about this, and in case it can’t and if it cant do anything about it, the most sensible thing is that every party should call everyone to vote for the MUD card, its easier that giving long explanation, just vote for the MUD at the bottom of the ballot.

  14. Look at this document where CNE defines the change of support from “UNIDAD DEMOCRÁTICA” (http://www.cne.gov.ve/web/normativa_electoral/elecciones/2012/presidenciales/resoluciones/UDEMO.pdf), and compare it with any of the other documents from PANA, PIEDRA, etc (http://www.cne.gov.ve/web/normativa_electoral/elecciones/2012/presidenciales/resoluciones/PANA.pdf)

    In those, the representative is clearly defined (name, C.I., etc.), but in UDEMO’s isn’t? Why? Who are they?


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