Hours spent live on TV, per week.
Hours spent live on TV, per week.

Hard to look at this chart and avoid the conclusion that the Comandante Presidente’s health has taken a sharp turn for the worse in recent weeks. The guy just doesn’t have the stamina for a presidential campaign – he could fib his way through most of it, but he’s just running on empty now…

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  1. Chavez just spoke past midnight to announce that he had bought a satellite launch from China.
    For What?
    “One of the cameras allows us to analyze where you find vegetation, water and minerals,” ? You can just take a walk and see where vegetation, water, and minerals are better than any satellite!
    Staying awake past midnight must be a real accomplishment for this macho presidente.

    “Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke until 12:40 a.m. Caracas time on state television as the nation celebrated the launch of its second Chinese-made satellite into orbit last night.

    “This is only possible under revolution,” Chavez, who is bidding for a third six-year term in an Oct. 7 election, said. “We’ve entered the future.”

    The Miranda satellite, as it’s known, was launched from China late yesterday and will conduct observation of the Earth to support agriculture and housing projects in the South American country, Science Minister Jorge Arreaza said on the Televen network yesterday. The satellite will also boost surveillance capabilities to protect against security threats and detect illegal mining sites during its 14 daily orbits, Arreaza said.

    The satellite was funded with loans from China that Venezuela repays with oil, Chavez said. Since 2007, the China Development Bank has lent Venezuela $42.5 billion collateralized by revenue from the world’s largest oil reserves, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from announcements of deals by the Chavez government. The loans are fueling increased government spending ahead the election.

    “One of the cameras allows us to analyze where you find vegetation, water and minerals,” Arreaza said. “That way, we can guarantee all the planning processes including those in agriculture, urban and environment.” “

    • The only Venezuelan detail of that bird must be the flag, painted by the Chinese of course. He mortgaged the country a bit for the launch, rather. Might we ignorantly imagine that it will not lose functionality like it’s older brother?

      • Although it makes sense coming from a man who famously believes that Neil Armstrong landing on the moon was a hoax! Pretty soon, the revolution will discover the microwave oven!

  2. It’s ironic that we have to measure the state of his health, a la “El Otoño del Patriarca”, through the rate at which the guy abuses his powers and Venezuelans. For surely many of those are Cadenas or other supposedly official interventions in which he lets loose electorally speaking, on his opponents.

    Two marks of a dictator, if there’s a pair. Complete opacity which keeps everybody guessing and constant abuse of power, which goes down as the guy goes down. Really, pity the guy personally for his health, as much as one can pity those poor dears Fidel and Augusto.

    Can we call this quantity the CAB-R, Chavez’s Abusive Broadcasting Rate?

  3. At any time, did he ever say what the Venzuelan people paid for that sattelite and launch?

    And how can Chavez possibly claim this as an acheivement of the revolution, when all Venezuela did was pay the Chinese to do it for them?

    Rubbish! Pura basura!

  4. I was hoping for someone doing that chart. The last days he is always doing the speaks late only to say he didn’t want to speak too much as it is late…
    By the way, what means MIA?

  5. It’s actually a good measure of his current capacity for handling stress. A political campaign takes a serious toll on your body and mind, and he’s barely making it through his.

  6. By contrast, Capriles and his team are doing super marathons. I’ve never seen someone campaign like this before. 90% of humans would have perished from heat stroke alone by now. This is the energy of a winning campaign.


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