Suddenly, it’s Chávez playing into our narrative

To insanity…and beyond!

Capriles has spent the last few months working to portray Chávez as out-of-touch with “the concerns of people like you”: a guy who let power get to his head and now spends more time worrying about geostrategy and saving humanity than working to fix the pothole on your street or the leaky roof in your kid’s school. Capriles’s strategy in this regard is not subtle. His analysis is that swing voters are micro-local voters, and so you get them by pitching yourself as the guy to look after their micro-local problems, and the other guy as a Space Cadet.

Right on cue, the other guy launches a surprises satellite. A satellite!  

It’s like he positively relishes the role Capriles has carved out for him.

Set aside for the moment the absurd conceit that you can go shopping for National Sovereignty on the international market. Could you think of a more powerful visual representation of misplaced, distant priorities than that photo?!

I mean, if China isn’t far enough removed from your day-to-day concerns, space is.

[Hat tip: you know who you are…]

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  1. Right on cue:

    “¿Será que desde el espacio este gobierno va a solucionar los problemas del país? Tenemos hoy dos planteamientos: uno que quiere gobernar desde el espacio y otro que quiere gobernar aquí, en las calles de Venezuela”, dijo.

  2. Disconnection?

    Chávez: “No importa si no está asfaltada tu calle o si no te llegó la luz… Lo importante es la patria”

    Now they are talking about abstractions..

    • Y quien es el corazon de la patria? Exactamente.

      Chavez hace que Mitt Romney parezca un tipo corriente del barrio. #TrueStory

    • I would that somebody bit into this, but real cynical and without gloves:

      “No importa si te atracan a ti o a tu familia, si te cosen a tiros a ti o a tus muchachos un dia de esos, no importa que la infraestructura del pais, autopistas, puentes y demas sea una trampa mortal para incautos como tu, no importa si no tienes con que dar de comer a tus niños, ni como llegar a fin de mes, ni escuela donde llevarlos, no importa si el viejito se te muere antes que lo puedan internar, se juega el futuro de la patria el 7 de Octubre!!!!”

      A donde se fue la patria en un pais donde pasan esas vainas, si no al Infierno?

  3. The cherry on top, the last nail of the coffin or both…?
    Yo, como Capriles, le sacaría punta en los dos cieeres de campaña de hoy (a esto y a lo que menciona Omar)

        • ¿Qué les pasa a ustedes? ¿Ahora porque es una fuente “conservadora” les da grima? Están peor que los chavistas…

          • Relativity
            Conservapedia has also received criticism for its articles regarding the theory of relativity, particularly on their entry titled “Counterexamples to relativity”, an article that lists examples as to why the theory is incorrect. Attention was drawn to the article by a Talking Points Memo posting, in which they reported on Conservapedia’s entry and stated that Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia’s founder, “has found one more liberal plot: the theory of relativity”.[41] New Scientist, a science magazine, criticized Conservapedia’s views on relativity and responded to several of Conservapedia’s arguments against it.[42] Against Conservapedia’s statements, New Scientist stated that one is unlikely to find a single physicist that would claim that the theory of general relativity is the whole answer to how the universe works, and said that the theory of relativity has passed every test that the theory has been put through.[42]:1
            University of Maryland physics professor Robert L. Park has also criticized Conservapedia’s entry on the theory of relativity, arguing that its criticism of the principle as being “heavily promoted by liberals who like its encouragement of relativism and its tendency to mislead people in how they view the world” confuses a physical theory with a moral value.[43] In a similar statement, New Scientist stated at the end of their article that:[42]:2
            In the end there is no liberal conspiracy at work. Unfortunately, humanities scholars often confuse the issue by misusing the term “relativity”. The theory in no way encourages relativism, regardless of what Conservapedia may think. The theory of relativity is ultimately not so much about what it renders relative—three dimensional space and one-dimensional time—but about what it renders absolute: the speed of light and four-dimensional space-time.
            In October 2010, Scientific American criticized Conservapedia’s attitude towards the Theory of Relativity, assigning them a zero score on their 0 to 100 fallacy-versus-fact “Science Index”, describing Conservapedia as “the online encyclopedia run by conservative lawyer Andrew Schlafly, [which] implies that Einstein’s theory of relativity is part of a liberal plot.”[44]
            Another claim is that “Albert Einstein’s work had nothing to do with the development of the atomic bomb”, and that Einstein was only a minor contributor to the theory of relativity.[10][12][29]

            It’s not because it is conservative. It is because they are nuts.

    • I wonder about one omission. I thought it was common, when writing up a patient’s medical history, to state the year in which any surgery took place, in this case, the IQ (intervención quirúgica) that’s noted at the start of the history.

  4. I was thinking this morning that if Chavez wins, and I don’t believe he will, one has to wonder about the disconnection from reality that many people in this country live with.

    How could anyone with a normal brain & reasoning powers vote for this megalomaniac?
    He’s done nothing right in 14 years, he’s sold the country away to foreigners & he’s dying from cancer. How could you possible vote for him?

    It’s just unbelievable!

  5. Concuerdo completamente con Island. Si después de una serie de discursos en donde el “Candidato de la Patria” denigra de los problemas cotidianos del venezolano y nos pide que no les prestemos atención, dejemos a un lado la inseguridad, la falta continua de agua, luz, buena vialidad…, la indeficiencia pues, porque lo más importante es “salvar a la Patria” (verbigracia, al Corazón de la Patria, o sea, a él); y aún así, los electores este 7-O vota masivamente por él, algo muy grave está pasando en la sociedad venezolana. Acá deben venir entonces científicos políticos, antropólogos y sociólogos a estudiar esta anomalía.

    Es tal cual lo que dice Juan Cristóbal: ¿cómo con estos argumentos, HCR no está ganando cómodamente? Es algo digno de estudio.

  6. “Well this is interesting: Capriles has spent the last few months working to portray Chávez as out-of-touch with “the concerns of people like you”: a guy who let power get to his head and now spends more time worrying about geostrategy and saving humanity than working to fix the pothole on your street or the leaky roof in your kid’s school.”

    Well, If Capriles has spent the las few months trying to portray Chavez that way, it looks like he just got some help from Chavez himself:

    It is shocking and depressing that the guy can say such a thing and still have the better odds at winning the election.

  7. A sign I once saw at a demonstration stayed with me. The demonstrators claimed that money should be spent at home, not on the space programme. The sign said: “The universe is a bottomless pit.”

          • The second worst poetry in the universe is that of the chavistas of northern South America. During a recitation by their poet master Hugo the Flatulent of his poem “Ode To A Small Lump Of Maisanta’s Congealed Gargajo I Found In My Gradnma’s Closet One Midsummer Morning” four of his audience died of internal hemorrhaging and the president of Monteavila Editores survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off. Hugo was reported to have been “disappointed” by the poem’s reception, and was about to embark on a reading of his 12-book epic entitled “My Favourite Sabaneta Baseball Annecdotes” when his own major intestine–in a desperate attempt to save life itself–leapt straight up through his neck and throttled his brain.

          • And don’t get me started on Hugo Gently’s Holistic National Development Fund! (Uhm, maybe the scotch and Lexotanil cocktail is starting to kick in…)

          • I love the way you used “the hitchhikers guide for the gallaxy” quote on VOgon poetry. Coincidentally, chavernment is also incredibly bureaucratic and nasty.

    • We are having too much fun today!
      How about this one:
      “So what if I can’t spell Armageddon…it’s not the end of the world.”

  8. The Chinese just had to show pictures of a rocket launch. No real satellite launch was needed. Chavez will not complain for fear that it will show the money was wasted. The first satellite never worked anyway. This launch will be the same.


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