Signs of the Times


As Capriles closes his Caracas campaign with one big rally, you can’t help yourself from reading the tea-leaves in stories like this:

29 de septiembre de 2012.- Un extenso fraude electoral a través de manipulaciones informáticas, estarían fraguando algunos sectores de oposición dentro del Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), según alerta la activista Fresia Ipinza, directora de Anticorrupción e Interpelación Popular Organizada (AIPO).

En entrevista exclusiva para Aporrea, Ipinza alertó sobre ciertas modificaciones a los cuadernos electorales que permitirían generar votos para el candidato de oposición Henrique Capriles Radonski.

Chavistas accusing CNE of election fraud in Aporrea?! Algo bueno está pasando…

[Hat tip: PK]

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  1. The latest on the dirty campaign: a recorded conversation of supposedly the father of Capriles asking money to Gustavo Cisneros. They will run on this on VTV tonight at la hojilla:

  2. Quico,

    I know we are all just wanting to keep on whatever side will get this done, but I have a question for you: doesn`t it irk you how well the Capriles campaign has adapted their game plan according to just the kind of thing the crowd from this blog has been asking for years?

    And also, id love to hear what you think a Capriles administration might look like, assuming double-term. I know the game plan from the MUD, but what do you think?

  3. I think the recording is going to be used as a smokescreen to take our attention away from what they are really up to . Could it be another switch on the ballot? tomorrow is the deadline to do it. Could Adan Chavez replace Hugo? This recording could be just what they need to distract people enough to pull it off. Your thoughts…..

  4. A bit off topic. Excellent animation explaining how this government subsidizes big companies and the richest inhabitants with Cadivi more than it does the poor.


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