Chavismo now kinda hearts blackouts

“Los apagones son la patria nueva!”

The Chavernment has tried everything to spin the years-long problem of power outages around the country, from blaming the weather to denounce them as sabotage, and even pointing to animals as the culprits.

But less than a week away from the Presidential election, the head of CORPOELEC Argenis Chavez (cousin of the comandante presidente) has suddenly decided to embrace them.

During an interview with State broadcaster VTV, Chavez indicated that the “impulse of the revolution”, through the missions has produced an increase in electricity demand, which he admits caught the electric sector unprepared. He indicated that the main source of current problems is found in the transmission process.

I wonder what his boss, Minister Hector Navarro, who has pushed the “sabotage” theory for months, will have to say about this. It’s very unlikely Mr. Chavez will be scolded by his cousin in the short term. In case of a Hugo victory on October 7th, this new line could be expanded even further, as this cartoon released last week could serve as an example.