Looking – and talking – like a winner

In an interesting press conference today, Henrique Capriles said, among other things, that he has already selected a Minister of Defense, but he won’t say his name because … he is an active General!

Talk about psyching out your opponents – the guys at Fuerte Tiuna must be going crazy with that one.

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    • I guess that “Juana” (so long as it’s not “La Cubana”), is a lot better than what we have now–“Gangnam Style.”

  1. Saw parts of it. He was good. The moment when he spoke about his grandmother was powerful.

    What the hell with the journalist who started to mention every single russian-venezuelan deal?

  2. Either he is in constant contact with that General or he is playing with our minds. All he speaks is like he has already won. does he know something we don´t?

    I also believe that not naming the VP just yet was one of his best decisions. It could have alienated some Political Partys of last minutes supports thinking they will not have the amount of power they are expecting inside the goverment…..

  3. Love listening to this guy. Direct, to the point, and able to hammer nonsense, where needed. Siga dándole al clavo, futuro presidente.

  4. Great way to let the world know that MUD is inside the government already. Good strategy, everyone at Fuerte Tiuna must be calling the MUD and sending in their resumes

    • He also threw one like that in yesterday’s speech. He said something about some friends in the government, “mis hermanos” he called them, when talking about a panflet regarding Chavez’s proposal.

  5. Won’t do you all much good, Psych-ops indeed. More like PSYCHO’s

    And speaking of which for these Talking Heads here some real Talking Heads – Psycho Killer…

    I can’t seem to face up to the facts
    I’m tense and nervous and I
    Can’t relax
    I can’t sleep ’cause my bed’s on fire
    Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire

    Psycho Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
    Run run run run run run run away
    Psycho Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
    Run run run run run run run away

    You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
    You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything.
    When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
    Say something once, why say it again?

  6. Hahaha! A brilliant move from Capriles! Imagine what for a mindfuck this is for all those under educated buttkissing chavistas.. One of their ‘compadres’ is almost openly leaving the sinking SS hugo chavez. And as we all know a chavista is not a chavista for their believes. Son chavistas solo por la plata y mas nada.
    I remember hearing a conversation between 2 chavistas last December who where flying from Madrid to Caracas, in J-Class of course.. The where openly talking about how good running one of the ‘missiones’ was for their wallet. They where getting noisier with every glass of whiskey they drank and in the end one of them, almost completely drunk, shouted ‘Necesitamos mas missiones por la plata!’. Both started to laugh and luckily fell asleep soon after…

  7. If I was in the military and I heard something like this I would think “Wow, maybe if Chavez loses it won’t be the end of the world after all. I mean this guy is already working with someone on the inside.” I wonder who the brain behind this operation is because this campaign is seriously starting to look like it can’t do anything wrong.

  8. I was waiting for some Chavez bombs in the last week but it looks more & more like there is nothing left in the tank.
    And then HCR comes along & hits a long ball out of the park with that announcement. He’ll have the G2 running all over the barracks looking for evidence as to who the guy is.

    As a side note it may be dangerous to announce who this guy is until they are actually in power in January. I could see some retaliation come out of this.

  9. Unless Capriles knows something we don’t know, for me this is a triumphalist announcement I don’t know how it benefits his campaign. Reading the comments here it looks like a master movement; but is it really? No one abroad dares to give any results, confirming the polls are tight indeed. Second, as far as I remember, Cabinet announcements are something winners do, while emphasizing differences between one and another during the campaign, as he has done very well lately, I would even say masterfully, leaving without arguments an exhausted (both mentally and physically) Chavez. Unless you are English, you know, the shadow cabinet and the like, I don’t see reasons for playing this provocative game “I will announce” “I already have my minister”. More than brilliant, naming MOD an active General is a necessity. You are not going to put a civilian (the only one with the profile is already dead and was president: CAP) so military set a parallel ministry; even the more so in Venezuela where JVR couldn’t live in the official resident of the MOD due to complains from the military, so Chavez decided very solomonic he was the only one who could live there. A retire general, particularly one of those infamous for his presence in Altamira, could be a dangerous move. Then you have to start cleaning up and sending to retirement to those Admirals and Generals in chief and all their cohorts behind; then those involved in the coups in 1992. This has to be done with someone that survived the purges and know very well the monster from inside.
    In any case 80% of our military are useless, a good excuse to give a hair cut to our FFAA. There are very, very few operative units, mostly organized around professional troops, i.e. rural command, GAES, COPEMI, Paratroopers and, mostly, the National Guard. The rest is rubbish and should be deprecated. Watch out, I’m talking about troops, not gear. Tanks, missiles and Shukoi are still very dangerous indeed.

    • I don’t know, man. The Guardia Nacional is in a sorry state. Maybe I have a different perception, but where I’m from (sur del lago) they’re seen as a bunch of useless and intrusive crooks.

      Regarding that move… well, HCR has nothing to lose by making that announcement (the VP is a completely different deal). I don’t know if there’s anything to win, but I’m down if it leads to at least a couple of chavistas getting scared sh!tless.

      • Mate I truly understand your comment, but if you look at carefully, National Guards are the only really operative troops, you can put them anywhere without logistics, and they are most of the time “live” which means matraqueando, haciendo chanchullos, but also shooting criminals and not long ago, patrolling some delicate border areas. Compare that to one of these conscripts you see putting order in the traffic in one military parade, and you’ll get what I mean by operative.
        They have always been intrusive crooks; useless, well, if their boss doesn’t kick their asses properly. I’ve seen the rural command in action and I have to say we’ve got a mess in the border and drug traffickers because of high orders. They did an operation some time ago in Paria, an area now very famous for drug smuggling and pirates. The command didn’t leave one trafficker alive, but then they left, so they organised again. We spend a fortune in conscripts that the only thing they do is driving for the commander, picking up the wife or the kids from school, cutting the grass in the house and other idiotic and shameful things; rather that spend all this money in a smaller number of professional troops, much better paid and prepare.

    • The polls are tight – watch this then reconfirm your assertion – you are all living in the clouds if you think the polls are tight. It must be because you mindlessly repeat what is said in the internatioanl corporate media.

      And don’t criticize Rodriguez – he is only the messenger of the polls that YOU ARE ALL HIDING FROM. 😉 As Rondriguez says – you are all victims of the lies put out by the private media and the majunche campaign. Consultores 21 and Predigmatica will be out of business after Chavez wins by more than 2 million votes.

      • dumb-dee-dumb-dumb-duuuuuuuuuuumb.
        btw, “Learn to spell Rodríguez consistently and you might make some sense you mindless puppet!”

      • So according to you I should stop reading FT and Bloomberg to listen to Telesur, and read El Correo del Orinoco, the guys that really know about business and say the truth. Most of your polls are freaky hilarious man! Just a disociado (as you guys like to call any opposition) would believe Chavez is ahead 20 points. I live in Sucre state, and even here people is fed up with blackouts, lack of water and not even to dream about Mision Venezuela, which just works in big cities where you lost long time anyway.
        As for me I’m cautious. Not because of Chavez but because of budgetary miracles (millions poured out irresponsibly). You know Saint oil barrel. Otherwise your president would be history long, long ago.
        Mind you! Bolivarian yuppie.

        • No importa. Continue reading the FT and follow the talking heads on Bloomberg. They certainly got the world economy right by backing deregulation and sub-prime mortgages to the hilt until the shit hit the fan. They did not see it coming until the system imploded in 2008. Just as you support the loser Capriles, you support a financial system that has been destroyed by greed.

          Back a winner! Back Chávez. And I bet that Chávez will win in Sucre State despite all the anecdotal complaints you generalize about.

          • I look forward to the magnificent record of this blog’s predictive ability being confirmed once again in 7 days. Until than…

      • Holy fuck, what is it that these pseudo-commies are taking that makes them contradict themselves so much

        “Oh yeah you’re just mindless puppets that spew whatever mass corporate media tells you, now please open your eyes and agree with whatever this PSUV funded, totally un-biased media outlet is saying.”

        Fucking fuck BOTH SIDES ACTIVELY MANIPULATE PUBLIC OPINION THROUGH MEDIA. You can only fight a monster that big with another one, so top spewing bulshit about mass corporate blablabla and develop your own criteria, Telesur and RT are just as biased as CNN or whatever network you think is the Devil itself.

        Anyways how about we listen an analysis from the guy that will NOT lose his job if Capriles wins.

        I hate him thought

        • I did not know that (Joe) Strummer was an intellectual like you even though he is dead. So go and “Holy Fuck” (your words, not mine) someone else you foul mouthed animal.

      • calm down, man, you are busting an aneurysm… if your inner calm betrays your confidence in Hugo Chavez and you are not as clueless as you seem, Chavez is deep in it.

      • Estaban un chingo y su pana caminando por alli. Tremenda hambre tenian los dos.

        Al rato, se topan con una casota con un tremendo muro, y por la reja ven que hay gallinas, gallos, patos, gansos, cochinos, etc. merodeando por el gran patio.

        El tipo le dice al chingo:” Chingo, yo te doy la pata gallina, tu agarra un animal de esos y lo tiras por el muro. Para salirte, montate en aquel arbol y te tiras por encima del muro! Luego buscamos como asarlo y comerlo”

        “O–eyy!!”, dice el chingo.

        Acto seguido, el tipo le da la pata gallina al chingo y lo pasa para el otro lado del muro.

        El chingo aterriza en medio de un poco de patos y los patos empiezan: “Cua, Cua!!, Cua!!”

        “Como que cual!” le grita el amigo, “Cualquiera nojoda, cualquiera!!!!”

        • Estaban un chingo y un maracucho en la estación del tren.

          “Chingo, anda y le preguntáis al musiú a que hora sale el tren”, dice el maracucho.
          “O–ey!!”, dice el chingo y se dirige a la ventanilla.

          “Eh, eñó! ¿A eh oa sae eh enn?”, increpa el chingo.
          “9:10”, contesta el musiú. El chingo se regresa.

          “NAY ENN”, repite el chingo.
          “¿Cómo que no hay tren, chico? Andá y le preguntáis otra vez al musiú”, contesta su amigo.

          “Oa oa vé, eñó! ¿A eh oa sae eh enn?”, vuelve a preguntar el chingo.
          “9:10 !!”, contesta el musiú, visiblemente molesto. El chingo se regesa.

          “NAY ENN”, vuelve a repetir.
          “¡Ay verga! Claro que hay tren. Vamos pa’allá y le preguntamos los dos”, dice el maracucho.

          “Eñó! ¿A eh oa sae eh enn?”, vuelve a preguntar el chingo
          “9:10 YOU DUMB ASS BITCH !!!”, grita el musiú.

          En eso, el maracucho levanta las manos y sonríe: “Ah, ¿veis güevón? ¡Sí hay tren pero tenéis que darle al suiche!”

      • The denial of reality here is highly amusing. I wonder what will happen on this blog 7 days from now. Will Toro suddenly decide that it is time for another email only comment period? Well…until than, I will watch and chuckle as fantasy after fantasy is created out of thin air. As with all the other fantasies published on this blog, it won’t be long before they come crashing down.

  10. It fucking kills me that these idiot hand puppets slander the truth that the world is dominated by a corporate elite by trying to convince us that, somehow, that makes some crackpot dictatorish fool and his crackpot dictatorish goons right.

    I hope the CIA gets you first.

    Hey Cort, Arturo, God is a lie. OBVIOUSLY then, the Devil exists.


  11. Here is my educated guess of what is going on…

    Capriles believes he is winning by a few points. Enough where he thinks he will win, but not enough that Chavez won’t try to steal the election if it comes down to it.

    Capriles is claiming to have some generals on the inside so Chavez will think twice about trying to steal the election. Further, if he does it anyway, the rest of the millitary will second guess each other and hesitate before executing the orders. While Chavez rid the army of most of his enemies, there are a few still that are underground and they may be the key in keeping everyone else in check…

    • Except if he names an MoD who is currently NOT on active duty, he’s exposed as a liar even before he takes office, when he does name his cabinet. Granted, he would win some points for cleverness, but do you think that’s a good trade? Now, if he really does have someone, what you say might have been a factor in the decision (even to the point of picking him over an otherwise “better” candidate), but I have trouble thinking he’s making this up just for that.

  12. The bestias part for me isla “Rafael Ramírez está botao” Hebis one of the mostrar corrupts of the regime. Really is one of the best campaigns i’ve seen in a while. Hay un camino.

  13. I gotta say, comments sections like the one of this post, in which trolls go crazy…kinda make me understand quico’s idea of the comments via e-mail. Nevertheless, freedom of speech must be respected, even when idiots are the ones talking

    • oh, I don’t know. that youtube of Brit chavista lovers was priceless. I wouldn’t know that sort of thing was so prevalent at this stage.

      And Arturo losing it by trying to get us avowed non-chavistas to back Chávez is a classic from the moron files.

  14. OT: Santos announces he has prostate cancer. A comment in noticiero digital follows:-)

    Que facil es decirlo verdad??
    Sin misterios, sin perderse por semanas, sin ir a cuba sin que fidel lo jurungue porque cree que esta enfermo, sin periodistas, sin runrunes
    Simplemente asi:
    Tengo una pepa en una bola me van a operar para extirparla yo les avisare cuando me operan y los medicos daran los reportes medicos


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