Keeping it simple

I woke up to read my friend Setty’s account of his few hours in Caracas. So far, he senses a lot of enthusiasm for Chávez on the street, and less so for Capriles.

Look, these types of anecdotes are fun for a quick discussion, but they are just that: anecdotes. They are not more valuable than the guy that comes home from a Capriles rally saying that “the street is the best poll.”

Let’s keep it real: Chávez is the favorite, but Capriles has momentum, as most polls show. If Chávez wins, it’s because of the economy. If Capriles wins, it’s because his campaign has tapped into the unfulfilled promises of 14 years. Both scenarios are possible at this point, and … that’s all I have to say about that.

Anything else is mind-gaming hogwash.