The healthiest breakup in the world


This second clip from Capriles’ appearance yesterday with Luis Chataing impressed me even more than the previous one.

Here, he talks about being grounded, about his grandmother, about how he came to a point where insults do not matter, and about his relationship with Erika De La Vega, who was sitting next to him.

Capriles comes across as mature, focused, grounded, and very good company. Campaigns live for moments like this, where the candidate has his guard down and lets people peek into his soul a little bit. Great stuff.

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  1. I do believe that his strategy of not caring about insults is a great one for the moment that Venezuela is living. Nevertheless I hope than when he becomes the president he actually cares about them and makes Chavez Stop. Also I don’t now about you, but I will never shake the hand of someone that has done as much evil a Chavez. A handshake for me means a lot. Is a symbol of respect and friendship, something I will never have for Chavez. I guess that is why I could never a politician. I remember watching the Mexican debate before the election. The threw all kinds of crap at each other. I turned around I told my wife: “How much do you want to bet they will kiss and shake hand after this is over” she said: “no way” Guess what happened…

  2. Ummm….I like him.,..but I don’t love him. I don’t feel like having a beer with him. He is not spectacularly smart either, nor is he overwhelmingly charismatic. I hope that what he brings to the table is enough to capture the imagination of people, to propel a much needed crusade for peace, development and reconciliation.

      • Limited vocabulary, sifrino accent, smile which indicates a low intellect, copious notes, does not talk about his own policies only those of Chavez, totally stage managed by his handlers.

        As Pérez Pirela said today towards the end of Cayendo y Corriendo – “Chataing, Erika and Capriles spent too much time gossiping and talking trivialities in the discos of Las Mercedes” – there is certainly a ring of truth to this back-handed compliment.

        • “smile which indicates a low intellect”.

          I’ve been around the block a few times, and never, ever would I judge someone’s smile in terms of intellect, if that were even possible. Frankly, I find your comment (or your parroting of that unfortunate Pérez Pirela) to be hogwash.

          As for the rest, I can’t imagine Pipí rolling up his arms to work in the poorest barrios of Caracas, during his twenties. Can you?

          You and pipí have serious complexes that go well beyond this blog. Hope you get your heads sorted out some day. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and giving us a slice of the rabid side.

          • So based on your standards to measure “intelligence”, Stephen Hawking is not a smart man.
            Wow, the things one has to read.

          • Yo pensaria mas bien que toda persona que vea el progama de alguien que busca codigos secretos en un crucigrama tiene unos gustos que indican poco intelecto.

    • What do you mean by “He is not spectacularly smart either”? What do you want? A guy talking about economic indicators that nobody understand? I guess you don’t know the main reason why do we have someone like Chavez in the Presidency. He is not fighting for a job in Disney to have to “capture the imagination of people”. He just has to stabilised this bloody country; that’s it. I’m tired of people expecting a Messiah: Charismatic, intelligent, happy, animator, conciliator, and so on and forth.
      What about a good administrator, transparent, and to the point. After 14 years (12 outside the country) the only thing I want is not to care too much about the presidency; not to make of an election the decisive “battle of my life” WTF?
      Peace is something I give for granted once HCF is three meters underground. Reconciliation is given by a couple of new prisons for corruption, hasta las matracas de presos.
      Development is not something that it’s going to happen in 5, 6 or 8 years. But conditions for it can be put in place.

  3. Chavez is finally working hard, city to city, talking BS like a master… Here hoping that he faints or vomits in front of a huge crowd on national TV. That would be precious.

  4. Seems like a pretty cool down to earth guy, but that doesn’t really matter.

    What I really liked about him in this campaing is that he knows when to be serious and when to just lay back and enjoy. At least I know I won’t be giving my first vote to a guy that will go on a 5 minute anecdote about his diarrhea while talking about government projects on national TV or start singing in front of international press.

  5. Aaarrrgghhhh………WTF are you doind prostrating yourselves before this mediocre, manufactured BS? When JC was Katy at least he had some intellect. Astounding shameless and a disgrqace to the whole idea of a political campign. I met Erika back in 2005 – the only words to describe her overbearing self-importance as a TV personality at that time was “mindless conceit”. Carla Angola is preferable but equally as repulsive.

    • Well, then. No one asked you for your opinion, did they? And who are you to speak of “overbearing self-importance”? Certainly not you, and, you are repulsive.


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