As this electrifying Presidential campaign season comes to a close, this will be the last post in favor of Henrique Capriles, per the CNE’s rules.

I leave you with a link to this interview with Capriles’ mother. I kept coming back to the story of his grandmother – who lived inside a closet in the Warsaw ghetto … for twenty months. Henrique probably learned a thing or two about confronting evil with dignity from abuela Lili.

Thank you, Henrique, for leaving it all on the line and for the positive campaign you led. Whoever wins on Sunday, hay un camino. Siempre lo habrá.

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  1. When I heard the phrase “Quedan solo 15minutos de campaña…” I almost had a stroke. A sudden hit of fear and hope. Only two days. Shit, Im already hitting on my ethilic alcohol reserves… Oh god.

  2. For the first time since 1998 I find myself believing there’s a real chance of beating Chávez. Thanks to HCR for a truly impressive campaign. He turned me into a believer. Hay un camino and I hope it leads him to Miraflores.

  3. Siempre habra un camino desde aca a acuya!
    There will always be a way form here to there!
    The Chinese, Russians, and soon North Americans and Canadians, will say the same! Where and when did we loose the “way” and “ourselves”…!
    I think Venezuelans lost the way when they expected a Messiah out of a pack of mediocre “s_ _ t”! But have given more to the poor! In exchange with running the country “down”!
    I do not think they will jail Chavez again if he decides to loose! Does anybody?

    • “I do not think they will jail Chavez again if he decides to loose! Does anybody?”

      I feel like Capriles’ win in the primaries was the opposition voting on “nah, fuck it, just get him out of office…”

    • One of HCR’s great accomplishements has been that, becoming the leader of the opposition, while before Chavez was the leader of the opposition.
      I will proudly vote on Sunday FOR Capriles instead of AGAINST Chavez.

  4. Believe anything you want, reality is something else!

    On Oct.8th many a oppo will be crying in their beer.

    Uh-Ah ! Chavez No Se Va

  5. Here’s looking at you kid. Excellent campaign. If not Sunday in 6 months se monta en el coroto. He modernized the left and the right de un plumazo. Con Capriles Radonsky pa’lante es pa allai, allai. Just add an i to rhyme. Love it.

    • Capriles also eliminated monte y culebra, by bringing all of Venezuela closer together. He opened people’s minds to the very real possibility of economic development throughout the country, including vibrant tourism (aunque a través de los españoles que tienen pericia en el manejo de eso). His hard work, obvious good planning, and worn-out shoes throughout the campaign were examples and inspiration to all of us to work more efficiently, after years of negative clouds and threats. His gains in maturity and strength throughout the campaign, from a softy position to one of being able to accurately and elegantly hammer the main block to progress.

      Yup, I suspect that we will have a new president, if not in January, then sometime in 2013.
      Dios mediante sea en enero.


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