Final Consultores 21 Projections


Let’s just take a deep breath and realize that a final projection from a single polling shop – even a good one – is just a data point. It’s not magic knowledge, it’s a sophisticated guess on the basis of data that’s prone to error. So, no se me desboquen, but…

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  1. Even more than to the professional polls, which I respect, I try to look at the “mood” of the country. This mood cannot be captured by a poll. I feel that this time around we Venezuelans have become fully conscious we are facing a critical juncture. In our hearts we feel the gravity of the moment.
    A moment for change. For the taking of the new road that has opened.

  2. On Monday morning we will have a new president in Venezuela – Henrique Capriles.
    The only thing standing in the way is a coup by Chavez.

    After seeing him in CCS today I don’t believe he has the energy anymore. Certainly his followers don’t.

    You can’t measure mood but you sure can see it. Capriles today has been phenomenal!

    We will win on Sunday. The avalanche is coming. My estimate now is 1,500,000+ on top.

    Vote early & vote often.

    Hay un camino!

    • Island, “vote often” is a Chavista multi-Cedula refrain (LOL). On CCS today: the Av. Universidad long shot was a tricked 5-hours long red blur which literally never changed in size/configuration; the Av. Mexico/Av. Fzas. Armadas shots were close-to-medium, because the crowd had only a block or two in depth; the Av. Bolivar was not packed half-to-back; Chavez had to get down suddenly from his carroza midway to his Av. Bolivar exit, enter a black camioneta, and was unable to appear/talk at symbolic Puente Llaguno as planned, probably because he had gotten wet, and his immune system is compromised; and, a sign of the times, 5 CICPC motorcycles were stolen from in FRONT of CICPC headquarters in Parque Carabobo (symbolic, for “Comando Carabobo”, huh?) by Chavez rally attendees.

  3. I am mind blown by Capriles performance in Barquisimeto, Unbelievable. I have never witnessed anything like this in my history of following politics (36 years old). I have never seen a little guy go from city to city, bring out interesting sized crowds, and then amazingly pull out massive, incredible crowds at the end. Never. I’m sure there is precedence. Hell, you mentioned Nicaragua a few posts back. It’s just not something I’ve personally experienced.

    It’s been a really great ride guys. I can’t wait until election night no matter which way it goes. It’s just been so damn fun, so dramatic, so … defining of what politics is.

    Capriles launched his own LiveStream:

      • yes, I caught that. As well as Capriles’ thanks to Chávez for giving him the opportunity to show the public another way.

        The only thing I wish Capriles would have said was the reminder from RGAveledo who cautioned people not to wear items like the ‘gorra’ on election day. In spite of the collective joy, it’s still a day to take one’s civic responsibility seriously, without causing any gratuitous polarization.

        • Comlpetely agree on warning NOT to use the ‘gorra’ on Sunday. I hope that most people will understand that the task at hand is to vote, and not to show how arrecho you are in your voting center.

  4. I was just watching VTV news program, they made a report on Capriles history since he was elected for the 1st time. Some points out of memory:

    – Capriles comes from a wealthy, jewish powerful family.
    – His 1st party was COPEI, responsible for the disaster of the country (these words were used).
    – His 1st campaign campaign was financed illegally with PDVSA funds.
    – He participated on the 2002 coup against Chávez.
    – He was elected major of Baruta, then governor of Miranda. At this point they ran videos of people saying the houses Capriles gave them are ranchos and that the government ones are better.

    All the time while they were running this dirty campaign disguised as “news” the screen read “Capriles is proposing a return to the past – big fortunes support his candidature”.

    Photo here:

    I’ve been following VTV for the past few days, it’s sad the current state of affairs in Venezuela. The channel is basically 24 hours dedicated to spill lies and insults to the opposition candidate.

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