Peaking at the right time

The man with a tan.

Capriles’s 90 minute interview on the crucial, mass-market Venevision network tonight showed a candidate who’s grown fully into his role just at the right time. Relaxed, confident, direct and energetic, he put forward the case for a Capriles presidency more eloquently than he ever had before.

They say practice makes perfect, and in Capriles’s case that’s the understatement of the year. The guy has improved immeasurably over the last ten months. He’s grown into his role. And tonight, looking straight into the camera with that intense scowl of his, he struck me as entirely plausible in the role of president.

Here he is talking sense on Cadivi and on Cuba, for example:

This thing isn’t over by a long-shot, anything could still happen on Sunday. But insofar as it really does matter to peak at the right time, Capriles has done admirably.

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  1. See the following article in El Universal regarding Cuban doctors working for Barrio Adentro deserting in large numbers, because they see Chavez losing, and they don’t want to go back to Cuba:

    To me, this is an important datum. If anyone has their finger on the pulse of Chavismo, it would be these doctors. They see a steady stream of the population most likely to vote for Chavez every day, in private, and at a moment when they are most likely to speak freely. People will tell their physicians things they won’t tell their families. If these doctors see the end of Chavez, I think you had better believe it.

    • Q: What is the difference between socialism and capitalism?
      A: Capitalism makes social mistakes while socialism makes capital mistakes.

      The Seven Wonders of Socialism
      1. Everybody is employed.
      2. Although everybody is employed, nobody works
      3. Although nobody works, everybody fulfills the plan.
      4. Although everybody fulfills the plan, there are no goods.
      5. Although there are no goods, everybody has everything.
      6. Although everybody has everything, everybody steals.
      7. Although everybody steals, nothing is ever missing.

    • I still maintain that a substantial portion of this blog’s readership will simply deny reality when Chavez wins with over 60%.

  2. As the election near, traffic spikes and as traffic spikes trolls proliferate. But I’m working 16 hour days these days pateando calle en Caracas – I don’t have time to patrol the comments section. Only you can prevent gallinerization.

  3. I do hope that Capriles wins on Sunday… I don’t wanna leave Venezuela, but I cannot picture my family enduring another 6 years of Chavez-endorsed violence, mismanagement, corruption and incompetence…

  4. HCR has been getting precious air time in Televen and now Venevisión, both of whom may be jumping on the bandwagon. In the bigger picture their support could play a key role if the Chaberment wants to pull some stunt on the night of the election.
    Recalling the “cara ‘e tabla” coup scenario of a previous post, if both Televen and Vene join Globo in denouncing the fraud, that could be a game changer. Could it be that the fate of the Venezuelan democracy hangs on the whims of Gustavo Cisneros? Scary thought.

    • Scary indeed, given that Cisneros was the person most benefited from the RCTV end of concession, who would think he wants Capriles to win when he promised RCTV is coming back on air in 2013?

      • Cisneros is your typical Venezuelan businessman mercenary, who made most of his money by currying favors with whichever Government was in power at the time, who sold out democracy by making a (Carter-brokered) Venevision deal with Chavez (as opposed to what democratic RCTV/Globovision did NOT do), thereby selling out his own original free Cuban heritage, and who is now hedging his bets by offering to contribute monrey/air time to Capriles, all the while living in the safe U. S. and rubbing shoulders with real democratic groups such as The Council Of The Americas, et. al. Despicable.

        • I don’t know anything about you. But tell me if is there any different profile of someone considered to be a billionaire in your country. Cisneros’ father used to do business with whoever was in charge; people get confused because his main benefits came from AD governments, but not exclusively.
          The only ones that fight for democracy, freedom and all these abstracts concepts are the middle classes, or the bourgeoisie in Marxist terms, with poor spearheading the revolution (middle classes don’t like blood).
          Millionaires, Billionaires and the like don’t fight for anything but their money. That doesn’t include any country since they represent the truly international citizens.

      • Is not that Cisneros wants Capriles to win, but he knows he cant decide who does and he is probably thinking that Capriles has a shot at it, and true to his nature, he just wants to be in good graces with whoever might be occupying Miraflores in 2013. People like Cisneros dont take into account their political preference when making these choices, is just cynical self-preservation.

        • I didn’t say Cisneros wants Capriles to win, I believe he actually wants him to lose. If Capriles wins Venevision will have RCTV again as a competitor next year. Capriles on his Caracas closing act promised that.

          • It would take years for RCTV to achieve the position they had. I can see Cisneros thinking, better to have a smaller part of a bigger pie later than to continue this way. Yes, Venevision is probably profitable now, but what guarantee does he have against being taken over during a future Chavez term?

          • I’m not so cynical. What guarantee does Cisneros have against being expropriated in the future? He might consider it a good idea to help a competitor, who will take years to recover the market force that they had before.

          • There was a private meeting between Cisneros, Chávez and Carter. Nobody but them knows what was negotiated there. All we know is that since that meeting Cisneros stopped being accused of being involved in a conspiracy and his TV channel became neutral or I dare to say self-censored. These are my reasons for not trusting the guy, he had a lot to gain from having his main competitor being erased by the chavernment and when that happened they completely ignored the fact. The only station that had empathy with RCTV was Globovisión.

          • I mean cynical, in the sense of trying to look political or ethical preferences from a guy whose family fled a communist dictatorship, became rich thanks to a center-left government and then supported the Cuban influenced authoritarian regime who wanted to overthrow and murdered the person who helped him become rich. I think that probably Cisneros, as a descendant of exiled Cubans, privately loathes the Chavista regime, but that doesn’t influence his business and personal decisions. His motto is just to be in good grace with whoever is in Miraflores.

  5. Endrina can disrespect HCR all she wants. He lets it slide like water of a duck’s back. O sea en criollo a ponerse la capa de Teflon. She knows how the VV employees received him. Just the fact that he has been interviewed by televen and VV is telling. And yes…. Cisneros of this world do not have a soul. Only $ so….


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