Peaking at the right time

The man with a tan.

Capriles’s 90 minute interview on the crucial, mass-market Venevision network tonight showed a candidate who’s grown fully into his role just at the right time. Relaxed, confident, direct and energetic, he put forward the case for a Capriles presidency more eloquently than he ever had before.

They say practice makes perfect, and in Capriles’s case that’s the understatement of the year. The guy has improved immeasurably over the last ten months. He’s grown into his role. And tonight, looking straight into the camera with that intense scowl of his, he struck me as entirely plausible in the role of president.

Here he is talking sense on Cadivi and on Cuba, for example:

This thing isn’t over by a long-shot, anything could still happen on Sunday. But insofar as it really does matter to peak at the right time, Capriles has done admirably.

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