Lara: Venezuela’s Ohio?, ctd.

A reader with business experience writes me about why Lara State does really matter:

“In 2003-04, I got involved in a new venture: producing and selling a botteled papelon with lemon drink… …I have lot of contact with people involved with marketing and distribution of different products and they told me that Lara was the ideal place to make a test launch…”

“When I asked them why Lara, their response was that this state has a social composition that mirrors the rest of the country and its consumer habits were a reference of the overall nation… …in other words, Lara is a microcosm of Venezuela and if the product was succesful or not over there, it was a signal of its possible chances nationwide…”

Looks like Lara is in some aspects the bellwether of Venezuela. It will be this Sunday?

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