Lara: Venezuela’s Ohio?, ctd.


A reader with business experience writes me about why Lara State does really matter:

“In 2003-04, I got involved in a new venture: producing and selling a botteled papelon with lemon drink… …I have lot of contact with people involved with marketing and distribution of different products and they told me that Lara was the ideal place to make a test launch…”

“When I asked them why Lara, their response was that this state has a social composition that mirrors the rest of the country and its consumer habits were a reference of the overall nation… …in other words, Lara is a microcosm of Venezuela and if the product was succesful or not over there, it was a signal of its possible chances nationwide…”

Looks like Lara is in some aspects the bellwether of Venezuela. It will be this Sunday?

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      • My venezuelan family in Barinas (in and outside the capriles campaign) are saying something is happening that they have never seen before. They make me proud for Venezuela. Just regular people.

    • I’ve thought for sometime Barinas was winnable. Glad to see your comment. In the governor’s election the oppo came close to winning. I’m in the state next to barinas with family and friends there. They have been saying that the people of Barinas have been fed up with the chavez family for sometime. Capriles’ rally was quite large in Sabaneta…larger turnout than for chavez. You may be right. I hope so.

      • I’m not predicting a Capriles’ victory in Guarico but here are 2 interesting anecdotes. The chavez caravan on Thursday in Calabozo went by in about 10 minutes. We were in car #518 and were in the middle of the Capriles’ caravan. On carratera nacional the caravan took 1 hour to clear 1 point. Second anecdote. My wife volunteered to be a witness. The cap campaign had 200 volunteers more than necessary. Not enough voting tables for all of the witnesses! Some people were upset that they couldn’t serve as witnesses. I can’t say who will win here in a chavista stronghold but I know who is motivated. Hay un Camino!

  1. I know this is OT, but if someone coul give the link of the article where you talk about recent changes on wall street I would greatly appreciate


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