Will the real Katy please stand up.

Our youngest took this pic when she was 2

Hello everyone. Long time readers will remember that my husband, Juan Cristóbal Nagel – now one of the site’s co-editors – initially posted on this blog (and took time away from me and his daughters) using my name as a pseudonym. Thank God that’s over.

The reason I’m writing is that for the next few days I will have access to the blog. Quico is in Caracas, Gustavo in Barquisimeto, and Juan will be live on CNN Chile starting at 9:00pm (Chile time) on Sunday. Therefore, they thought it would be convenient if someone else had access to the blog and was out of reach of Chavista internet control.

It’s nice to meet you all, but keep in mind that I will not be posting my own thoughts on the election (except to let you know if Juan is crying or drunk on live TV). All I will be doing is transmitting whatever they want me to. Please keep in mind that in the event of a traffic surge crashes the site (it happened the last time, although Quico thinks it’s unlikely now that we’re on WordPress.com) we will be posting on the Facebook page, so do take a minute to go over there, or just click on “like” on the Facebook box to the right of this post.

And as we would say in Chile: “Hay un camino, POH”.

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  1. Nice to meet you Mrs.Nagel!

    Although you won’t, it would be nice to read some of your thoughts on the elections. After all, you’re taking over.

  2. Without a doubt, this sitehas been and probably continue to be the best source of information regarding Venezuelan politics. Tomorrow, whatever the result, history will be written!

  3. Mr.Cristobbal, I know in the real world you are a very busy man. Thanks for making/finding time to blog to us about topics we find interesting and informative. I always find time to read your articles and appreciate your insights and opinions. I especially like your carefulness and questioning, too.
    All the best to you and your family.I know you to be a “family man” and that is a great thing!

  4. It is very interesting that when this whole blogging enterprise began, we all felt it was necessary to use pseudonyms. And now, when we are on the cusp of ultimate success, or ultimate disaster, we no longer feel we need them.

    Katy, I would say “welcome to the team”, except that I know that you have always been part of the team, by supporting Juan’s aspirations and sharing his time with us and our cause. Thank you.


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