Armando Briquet Live from Capriles Campaign HQ

8:09 – Briquet looked happy, but carómetros are inherently unreliable. I still don’t have any kind of firm number to share, and the rumors going around strike me as either very partial, or entirely made up and not worth passing on. Para qué enrarecer el ambiente? 

8:06 – Seriously frustrated with the connectivity problems here. If this keeps up I may need to go home to blog.

7:36 – The Free WiFi in the press room sucks! Unbelievable…

7:32 – An absurd press conference to suit an absurd political system. 99% of the information being conveyed here is being conveyed non-verbally.

7:24 – Briquet to a journo: “If you think I look happy, you have a good eye. There are plenty of reasons to be happy tonight.”

7:21  – Briquet is very coyly intimating victory here, while saying he has no results to give out. “We are highly satisfied with the results of the day.” “We have made a commitment to wait until CNE announces the next president of the republic.” Wink wink…

7:20 – Armando Briquet, Capriles campaign chairman, calls on the Plan República to tamp down on weird motorcycle movements.

7:18 – The guy looks very confident.