Chillax y’all…


The big day is here, and so is the big wait. The only reasonable thing to do over the next six or so hours is vote, then take conscious steps to chill yourself out.

Step away from the Globovision. Give Twitter a rest. Watch a stupid RomCom. Take a warm bath. We need to keep something in the tank for tonight.


  1. I hear on the ground that turnout is strong. Hopefully that means the Ni-ni’s are out in full force. They will be key in this election!

    Can we have everyone post the numbers they know here from the precincts they are at vs. 2007?? Should be easy to do from your smart phones!!

  2. We’re drinking la segunda botella de ron, y la cerveza esta finished already. Only one more bottle of rum and a bottle of whisky to last us until midnight. This is the slowest day!

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